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Who Are Wesley Laga Parents? Mother Barbara Laga And Father

With the news of AL Roker’s daughter Courtney welcoming a baby girl with her husband, Wesley Laga, people are curious about who is Wesley Laga and his parents.

Wesley Laga is a well-known US-based actor, drama teacher, theatre artist, DJ, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

Laga has gained huge praise in his country for his contribution as a DJ and MC at Excel Live.

He has also played significant roles in TV shows, movies, and stage productions. Apart from that, he is a drama teacher and an event planner.

Despite his great name in the entertainment industry, Wesley Laga is a successful Entrepreneur.

Furthermore, he is a famous social media influencer for his stylish looks.

As a result, Wesley Laga is admired by audiences for his performances and contributions, getting attention from fans into his family details, starting from his parents.

Wesley Laga Parents: Meet Mother, Barbara Laga, and Father, Mr. Laga

Wesley Laga’s parents have been a support pillar of his strength who constantly supported Laga professionally and personally.

As per sources, he is a second-born to his parents, who follow Christianity.

Furthermore, Wesley Laga, whose full real name is Wesley Richard, was born on May 30, 1990, into a well-settled and reputed family.

Wesley Laga's black and white picture. This looks like the picture from his portfolio photoshoot.
Wesley Laga has his entire portfolio explained on LinkedIn. (Source: LinkedIn)

The actor’s parents prefer to keep themselves away from the limelight and keep their personal lives as private as possible.

His mother, Barbara Laga, though not well known in the public, has played a major role in building her son’s life and career.

The actor uploads pictures with his mother occasionally on his social media handles. This clearly shows that he admires and acknowledges the presence of his mother in his life.

Although his father, Mr. Laga, chose to keep his identity a secret, it is now known that he is a famous businessman in America.

He probably offered his son priceless assistance, both financially and in other ways, to help him achieve his aspirations.

Wesley Laga enjoying his work as a DJ. He looks cheerful and Happy.
DJ Wesley Laga in his workplace. (Source: Facebook)

As per some online portals, Wesley Laga’s parents encouraged him to work on his passion. So, he completed his master’s degree in theater at the City College of New York.

Wesley Laga’s Family and Children

Wesley Laga is not the only child of his parents, as he grew up with his elder brother, Cory Laga.

As per some online portals, Cory works as a project coordinator at Guardian Data Destruction.

Looking at Wesley’s pictures with his brother, it seems like both brothers share a great bond and immense love for each other.

However, his brother prefers to keep his personal life private. He is inactive on social media platforms.

This has made it difficult to find additional information about his brother.

Meanwhile, on June 4, 2021, Wesley Laga married Courtney Roker, marking a crucial turning point in his life.

Both the newlyweds, Wesley Laga and Courtney Roker have wide smile on their faces.
A happy picture of Wesley Laga with his wife Courtney Roker on their wedding day. (Source: Instagram)

Courtney is a chef by profession and seems like a social media butterfly who tends to upload pictures, including those of her husband, actively.

After their marriage, Wesley’s life began a new chapter in which he came into the limelight for a different reason.

The reason behind the limelight is his father-in-law, AL Roker, a famous American weather presenter, journalist, television personality, and author.

Furthermore, Wesley Laga and his wife, Courtney Roker, recently added a new member to their family as they welcomed their daughter.

 Wesley Laga and his wife are holding the hands of their newborn baby un this picture.
On July 3, 2023, Wesley Laga and his wife welcomed their baby. (Source: Instagram)

The name of their newborn baby girl is Sky Clara Laga.

Even though Wesley Laga has kept his Instagram account private, he is a proud father. He has mentioned “Dad” in his bio.

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