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What Happened To Neil The Lion? Melanie Griffith Pet

Inspired by their trip to Africa, Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall adopted a lion named Neil. Later, Tippi revealed her regret that she let a grown lion live with her family. Where is he now? What happened to Neil the Lion? Let’s find out.

Neil, a renowned lion, was adopted by Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall, the mother and stepfather of Melanie Griffith.

A 400-pound lion occasionally shared Griffith’s bed and freely roamed the house, including the kitchen, living room, and swimming pool.

Some sources say Neil found contentment in coexisting with Hedren’s family.

Moreover, in a 1988 memoir, Tippi acknowledged that permitting big cats to freely roam the house was deemed ‘stupid beyond belief.’

Therefore, people are starting to wonder what happened and where Neil the lion is now.

Why Was Neil The Lion Adopted? Fact Check!

Tippi Hedren, renowned for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, is an actress with formidable talents.

However, Hedren’s most enduring legacy is her animal rights activist and conservationist role.

Neil The Lion and a girl laying on carpet.
Neil became an extension of the family; he was only a lion and not a sibling. (Source: Twitter)

In 1969, while filming in Africa, Hedren and Marshall found a house with lions, inspiring a film to promote endangered species preservation.

Opting to create a film about big cats, they followed a trainer’s advice to invite a lion into their home for firsthand knowledge.

As a result, Griffith’s mother, Tippi Hendren, and stepfather, Noel Marshall, adopted a male lion named Neil.

When they owned Neil as a pet, Melanie Griffith was still in high school, and Life Magazine documented the unusual living arrangement in 1971.

Griffith’s family adopted several big cats following Neil, leading to serious injuries.

Hedren and Marshall acquired a ranch in Acton for the Roar set in response to neighbor complaints.

Neil the lion biting girls leg.
Neil was a 400-pound, mature lion. (Source: Twitter)

Based on their experiences, Marshall wrote Roar, a script about a family’s misadventures in a research park with lions and other wild cats.

The entire family starred in the film Roar, a project that took 11 years to complete.

Over 100 people worked on the film alongside 150 untrained lions, tigers, and other animals.

However, no animals were harmed during production, but over 70 cast and crew members were attacked, including Griffith.

The movie flopped at the box office, causing numerous injuries.

This prompts curiosity about what happened to Neil the Lion and the lasting impact of the film Roar.

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What Happened To Neil The Lion: Where Is He Now?

Melanie Griffith’s pet lion, Neil, freely roamed around the house.

During Melanie Griffith’s high school years in the 1970s, her family owned a pet lion.

Neil resting his head on a child's head.
The family has not yet disclosed Neil Lion’s whereabouts. (Source: Twitter)

The lion walked and played around like a normal pet and occasionally shared a bed with Melanie.

Tippi’s regret over allowing a full-grown lion to interact with her 13-year-old daughter sparked people’s curiosity about what happened to Neil, the lion.

Nonetheless, Neil’s whereabouts remain undisclosed. However, Tippi’s granddaughter shared that she still resides with 13-14 lions and tigers.

Dakota Johnson says this marks a significant reduction from the original 60 big cats that once inhabited the actress’s reserve.

Additionally, Hedren resides in the Shambala Preserve, the animal sanctuary she founded in Acton, California, to this day.

Therefore, there is no information about what happened to Neil the Lion or his whereabouts.

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