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When Will DoorDash Announce The Winner? Super Bowl Sweepstakes

DoorDash came into the limelight as it announced sweepstakes for the audiences to find out the code of all the ads displayed during the Super Bowl commercials, and now people are wondering when the company will announce the winner. Let’s explore.

The Super Bowl 2024 was unique and grabbed a lot of attention worldwide.

Everything on the Super Bowl was on point, from the halftime performance by Usher to the Taylor and Travis love saga.

Another thing that makes a lot of headlines in the Super Bowl season is the extravagant ads between the games.

While the NFL players compete on the ground for the trophy, it is almost like various companies compete on screen through their ads.

One company that created a lot of buzz with their Super Bowl ad is the famous company DoorDash.

DoorDash organized the ‘All The Ads’, asking people to participate in sweepstakes and announcing the reward for the winner.

Now, the participants of the ad competition want to know when DoorDash will announce the winner.

When Will DoorDash Announce The Winner? Anticipation Grows for Super Bowl Sweepstakes 

The DoorDash ad has left everyone so excited because of its unique and costly promise to one of its winners.

According to its advertisement campaign, the winner will receive everything on the ad during the Super Bowl game. This even includes the very highly prized Volkswagen and BMW.

Doordash Winner
‘All the ads’ by DoorDash are buzzing all over the internet, and the company’s name is on everyone’s tongue. (Source: Twitter)

To win the DoorDash sweepstakes, the participant must enter a very long promotional code shown in the ad.

After hitting the promotional code, they must go to the sweepstakes website and provide their name, e-mail, and phone number.

One person gets only one chance to enter the code, and if the person enters the wrong promo code, they gets a second text to reenter.

However, if no one can get the code right, DoorDash will hold a second drawing chance.

According to the reports, the winner should have been picked by the 12th of February 2024.

DoorDash logo
It was an excellent move for DoorDash to make this promotional campaign. (Source: Twitter)

But, the company has not made any announcement regarding the winner of the contest as of now.

The question of when DoorDash will announce the Super Bowl sweepstakes winner remains unanswered.

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DoorDash Sweepstakes Winner: Excitement Grows as Announcement Day Approaches!

There are assumptions that the winner may have already been picked, but we will only get to know it after a week.

Well, there is a possibility that they have already sent the e-mail to the winner.

Various reports suggest that the winner will have two days to respond to the e-mail and five days to complete all the required paperwork.

DoorDash organized sweepstakes in Super Bowl
DoorDash is yet to announce the winner. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, they will also have to go through a background check. When they finally complete all the processes, DoorDash will announce them as the winner.

Meanwhile, DoorDash has posted a post on Twitter displaying a video of all the receipts.

This has left everyone in even more excitement. However, some people have already started losing hope as they have not received any e-mail yet.

They are writing tweets hoping their close ones will win if not them. But whoever wins, it’s clear that they will have a fantastic year with various gifts.

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