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Where Is Wanda Smith Now After Beef With Katt Williams?

Former radio personality Wanda Smith is in the Headlines as the controversy between her and Katt Willams strikes hard on the Internet. So where is Wanda Smith now? 

Wanda Smith is a highly successful radio personality, comedian, actress, and a dedicated supporter of female empowerment.

She is best known for her work on the Frank and Wanda Morning Show, where she entertained audiences with her wit and charm.

Moreover, her radio career has been marked by success and she has garnered a loyal following over the years.

Further, Smith’s departure comes in the aftermath of the infamous blow-up with Katt Willam.

Likewise, the incident caused a stir in the media and left many wondering about what Wanda Smith has been up to since then.

Let’s delve into where Wanda Smith is now and what she’s been doing post the Katt Williams beef.

Where Is Wanda Smith Now After Beef With Katt Williams? The Truth

With the rise of radio broadcasting and YouTube videos of the chitchat between Katt & Wanda, many are in search of her now.

Delving with curiosity and enthusiasm, the masses are eager to explore where Wanda Willams is and what she is doing now.

Is Wanda Willams out off track? Or is she in another controversy?

Wanda at her studio of V-103 ready for a stunning radio braodcast.
Wanda is reportedly been named Atlanta’s Happiest Girl in Atlanta’s Good Life Magazine. (Source: Facebook)

Therefore, the incident with Katt led to Wanda leaving her hosting show, as she chose to focus on her personal life for now.

Wanda’s last social media post was in September 2023; no information has been obtained since then.

The post featured Wanda as a special host for Cocoa Brown presented by Uptown Comedy Corner on September (8th-10th).

Besides, she perseveres post-incident, displaying unwavering determination to create opportunities and meaningful impact in her ongoing journey.

After the Katt Williams altercation, Wanda Smith retreated from the public eye, prioritizing her personal life and career journey.

Further, while the incident was undoubtedly challenging, Wanda has shown resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

Wanda Willams looking gorgeous with short hair and stunning appearance.
Wanda also started an organization called Girls Stand Together, Inc. to empower young girls. (Source: Facebook)

Wanda forges ahead in her career, actively engaging in entertainment projects and events, showcasing her resilience and dedication.

She leverages her platform, advocating for crucial social causes, and highlighting her dedication to positive community impact and change.

Nonetheless, her dedication inspires many, signaling her poised trajectory for ongoing success and achievement in the future.

Wanda has persevered through the challenges that arose from the Katt Williams incident and continues to thrive in her career.

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Controversy Surrounding Wanda Smith & Katt Williams

The whereabouts of Wanda Williams remains uncertain since a 2018 incident on V-103 Atlanta’s morning radio show sparked intrigue.

Wanda Smith found herself embroiled in controversy after a fiery altercation with comedian Katt Williams.

Williams humorously roasted Smith following their initially harmless on-air banter, but the exchange took a sharp turn, leaving Smith at a disadvantage.

Things between Williams and Smith started veering from the rails when he insulted her interview style.

Soon after, Smith made a critical error by asserting that Williams had an outdated perm.

As the segment concluded, co-host Frank Ski geared up for a commercial break, but chaos ensued, making viral history.

The incident between Willams and Wanda on radio broadcast.
Wanda Smith is a veteran at V-103 radio, an urban contemporary formatted station. (Source: Youtube)

Hence, the video and the radio broadcast of the exchange quickly went viral nationally creating a great controversial phenomenon.

Further, Williams also mentioned a reported incident where Smith’s husband, LaMorris Sellers, allegedly retaliated by threatening him with a firearm.

The statement given by Willams against Wanda Smith on the Club Shay Shay podcast states:

They tried to kill me this same weekend. Not in jokes, with a real gun in my real face on a real camera.

And, in 2019 Wanda Smith abruptly departed from her radio co-host role shortly after the on-air clash and comedy club incident.

The specifics of her exit, whether it was termination or resignation, remain ambiguous or undisclosed.

Yet, the incident with Katt Williams over five years ago lingers, evident in both his memory and the internet’s persistence.

Wanda Smith’s journey emphasizes determination as vital for success, inspiring many with a continuing and impactful story.

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