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Where To Watch The Boy And The Heron? The Last Miyazaki Movie

Hayao Miyazaki has finally made his fans happy with his movie, The Boy and the Heron, in a decade, but global fans are left to wait with a question: where To watch it?

It is a bit bittersweet knowing that the movie The Boy And The Heron will be the last Miyazaki film.

Hayao Miyazaki is famous for making magical movies with amazing stories and heartwarming characters.

The movie The Boy and the Heron has broken the internet with its amazing storyline and portrayal.

Fans got to feel the story through the eyes of a boy named Mahito during wartime in Tokyo and the challenges he faced.

Sounds amazing, right? Many people think the same. But besides the Japanese fans, global fans are puzzled with questions about where and how to watch The Boy And The Heron movie.

A Guide For Global Miyazaki Fans: Where To Watch The Boy And The Heron?

As Miyazaki fans are all over the world, many of them are very curious and waiting patiently for release dates.

Further, they are also curious whether the film will get an English dub or not.

Miyazaki has never disappointed his fans, and he is extraordinarily talented. (source: Instagram)

But as we all know, Studio Ghibli is popular for its high-quality English dubs, so it definitely will.

Nonetheless, fans are getting impatient with nearing the worldwide release date. So, they want to watch the movie as soon as it is available.

The movie got its theatrical release on July 14th, 2023, and is still in theaters in Japan.

If you are in Europe or in San Sebastian, there is good news as it will appear at the most awaited San Sebastian and The New York Film Festival.

For North American fans, GKIDS films have got you covered.

It has bought the North American distribution rights and is set to make the movie available soon.

For those who cannot attend these events and live far from these places, do not worry.

Fans who have watched the movie are in awe. (Source: Instagram)

Like every other Studio Ghibli film, the streaming of the movie will follow similar patterns.

Netflix has the rights to stream in many countries, and HBO Max in the US and Japan.

Thus, you can watch the final Miyazaki masterpiece, The Boy And The Heron, on Netflix, HBO Max, and other online streaming platforms.

The makers have not yet confirmed if it will be available on Blu-ray, but it is highly likely that it will.

Studio Ghibli movies typically make their way to physical media. Still, there is more information to come about the streaming availability, so stay tuned.

Fans Await: Was Minimal Marketing Of The Movie Intentional?

So, now you know where you can watch The Boy And The Heron, let us talk about what other fans are saying about the movie.

Besides the where-to-watch discussions, there are also other buzzing Reddit threads about the movie, The Boy And The Heron.

A scene from boy and the heron
Let’s hope everyone gets to watch the movies soon enough and with comfort. (Source: Instagram)

It seems like fans are quite unhappy about the minimal marketing efforts during the movie release.

They are complaining that they came to know very late about the movie’s release.

And it made them miss their chances of booking tickets for some of the release events that they could have attended.

But many fans also like the concept of little marketing as they can now watch the movie without many theories and spoilers.

Even though netizens suggest this is the last Miyazaki film, let’s hope that it’s not.

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