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Did Whitney Rose Divorce Justin? Affair & Relationship

Recently, rumors regarding the divorce of Whitney Rose and her husband have piqued the interest of netizens. So, let’s dive into the current relationship status of the TV personality. Are they still together?

Whitney Rose is an entrepreneur who is best known as the cast member of the latest franchise show, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

She founded the natural skincare line Wild Rose Beauty, a premium skincare with cruelty-free and vegan properties.

Apart from her business ventures, Whitney came into the spotlight after her controversial marriage with Justine Rose.

The pair have had their ups and downs in the relationship while constantly being in the public eye.

With divorce rumors making headlines, netizens want to peek inside the scandalous life of Whitney Rose.

Did Whitney Rose Divorce Justin? Affair Relationship

Whitney Rose and Justine Rose tied the knot in 2009 even while facing backlash from the public.

The media personality met Justin when she was working at a beauty enterprise, Nu Skin.

During that time, both the stars were in respective marriages and ended their secret affair.

Whitney Rose playing in the snow with Justin
Whitney is happily married to her husband, Justine. (Source: Instagram)

While Justine was tied to Stasie Koford, Whitney ended her marriage with her ex-husband, whose identity remains unknown.

Soon, Whitney’s new relationship was the talk of the town as the couple shared intimate pictures.

However, the rumors about the divorce of Whitney Rose surfaced after season 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Moreover, the show highlighted the couple’s marital struggle throughout the season.

Justine was fired from LifeVantage Corporation, where he was the chief sales and marketing officer for almost seven years.

This obstacle presented a new challenge for the couple as Justine became aware of Whitney’s TV fame.

Despite such problems, Whitney Rose has not left Justine, which silenced several rumors about their divorce.

Whitney Rose and Justin in an event
Whitney gained support from her fans during divorce rumors. (Source: Instagram)

Previously, the pair tied the knot in 2020 and filmed for the debut season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Moreover, the ceremony held with close friends celebrated 10 years of the couple’s togetherness.

On the other hand, Whitney revealed in her podcast, The Wild Rose, that their parents didn’t accept their marriage immediately.

Regardless of several problems down the road, Whitney is working to reset her marriage.

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Whitney Rose’s Children: Her Marriage And Career

With the rumors of divorce, many have also looked around for details on the children of Whitney Rose.

Before her relationship, Whitney was a follower of Mormon belief and grew up in a strict household.

However, her affair with Justin led to an unexpected pregnancy, and as a result, they got married.

Soon after their marriage, Whitney and Justin welcomed their children, Bobbie and Brooks.

Whitney Rose and her husband Justine in a party
Whitney has amassed significant followers on her socials. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she has three stepsons from Justine’s previous nuptials, Austin, McCade Christopher, and Trey Anthony.

Now, the reality star claims that she is working on her relationship with Justin for her children.

During one of her podcast sessions, Whitney confessed that authorities were punishing her husband for their intimate scene on TV.

Similarly, they made NSFW love art on camera, which received mixed reactions from viewers.

Whitney and her family in Utah.
Whitney is a proud mother of two children. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Whitney and her husband have been working on their communication skills, which improved their bond.

Likewise, the TV star is grateful for the support from her partner during turbulent times.

Justin also played a crucial role in pushing Whitney further to pursue her dreams and open her jewelry line.

Regardless, fans are excited to see how Whitney balances her lavish career and problems in marriage.

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