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[SPOILERS] Who Dies In Virgin River Season 5?

Part 1 of Virgin River Season 5 has ended, and the question “Who dies in Virgin River Season 5?” has come up quite frequently. Find the answer further below.

Virgin River is a romantic drama TV show from the USA, made by Reel World Management and filmed in Canada.

The story comes from a novel by Robyn Carr called The Virgin River. Season 1 came out on Netflix in December 2019.

It was followed by the second and third seasons released in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

They decided to make even more, renewing it for seasons four and five in September 2021.

Now that the fifth season is almost over, they plan on a sixth season. However, there is a cliffhanger in Season 5 about who dies in the latest part of Virgin River.

[SPOILERS] Who Dies In Virgin River Season 5?

While the Virgin River TV series is primarily a romantic drama series, it doesn’t stop the fact that there are deaths in the show.

Just in the previous season 4, in episode two, a newborn baby is shown to be unresponsive and have no pulse. It was the first death in season 4.

Melinda Monroe serious look in Virgin River Season 5
Virgin River Melinda Monroe with a serious look (Source: Decider)

In the next episode, Mel helps an older man who has severe dementia. She performs CPR and calls for an ambulance, but unfortunately, he passes away in the hospital.

The main character who died in season 4 is Calvin, a criminal boss.

Calvin was on the run from detectives Mike and Brie, and when he was on a boat, the boat exploded, effectively killing him.

Similarly, fans have been searching for “Who dies in Virgin River Season 5?” to learn about the deaths in the fifth season.

In the second episode of season 5, titled “Songbird,” Jeb offers to take over Brady’s shipment. However, when Brady returns to work, he finds dead Jeb. It is revealed that he died of a fentanyl overdose.

In this season as well, Mel suffers yet another miscarriage, losing another baby in the process.

Rose reveals another similar information: she hadn’t informed Doc about her pregnancy and that their son is no longer alive. She did so because he did not want a child back then.

These are the major deaths that happened in season 5 of Virgin River.

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Who Is The Dead Body At The End Of Season 5 Part 1? Part 2 Unveiled

Apart from the deaths mentioned earlier in season 5, another dead body comes to light at the conclusion of part 1.

However, it’s likely that this individual had passed away long before their discovery in season 5.

Reportedly, the dead body is Wes, who was the abusive husband of Paige, who was hunting her down.

Paige fled to the Virgin River with her son, even though she didn’t have custody of him. Meanwhile, Wes kept looking for her and eventually tracked her down.

wildfire in virgin river
Wildfire in Virgin River Season 5 (Source: Netflix)

In a desperate attempt to make Paige return with him, Wes resorted to violence and even threatened her.

During a confrontation, he started choking Paige, but then he accidentally fell down a flight of stairs and died.

The Preacher, who was helping Paige sort out this difficult situation, hid Wes’s body. Unfortunately for them, it seems like Wes’s body might resurface in season 5, part 2.

Moving on, Virgin River season 5 part 2 comprises 2 episodes, episodes 11 and 12, and they will center around the holidays.

As Mel and other central characters prepare for the holiday season, Mel’s sister calls with surprising news.

She has come across old love letters intended for their mom and suspects that the writer could be Mel’s biological father.

This is likely to be the main point in the upcoming episodes, although other residents in the town have their own challenges to face, from dealing with illnesses to discovering a deceased body.

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