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Who Is Zvbear? Guy Who Leaked Taylor Swift AI Pictures

After the internet was taken aback by the recent release of Taylor Swift AI pictures, there is a new twist on the case. People have found out that Twitter user Zvbear was behind the leaks. So, let us see, Who is Zvbear?

The guy Zubear Abdi, aka Zvbear, is a Somalian national who currently resides in Ontario, Canada.

He studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough but some people believe he is 27 years old, so already out of the University.

All this, and maybe a good career ahead, is now possibly ruined after he leaked Taylor Swift AI pictures.

Swifties, i.e. Taylor Swift fans are constantly digging the information about the Twitter user.

So, let us dive into the very details and let everyone know about Who is Zvbear.

Who Is Zvbear? Responsible For Taylor Swift AI Leaks On 4chan & CelebJihad

After people found the insane Taylor Swift AI pictures, they have been continuously trying to find the face behind it.

Now, that they know the responsible Twitter handle Zvbear, they are searching for more details like Who is Zvbear?

As mentioned earlier, Zvbear aka Zubear Abdi could be a University student.

However, many of us do not know much detail about this man.

Twitter user Zvbear is the one responsible for the leaks, but who is Zvbear?
Twitter user Zvbear is the one responsible for the leaks. (Source: Twitter)

After the Swifties found his name, they have been constantly hurling abuse at him, which has made him change his account settings to private.

Currently, his only Twitter account, which goes by the name @zvbear, is private and his tweets are protected.

His handle has about 85K followers, so there is no point in putting his account on private now.

However, Twitter has gone crazy over the name and account reveal.

Some fans even joke around in the situation claiming that even the FBI could not match the investigation skills of Swifties.

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What Is Taylor Swift Take On This?

Taylor Swift had been eerily silent for the last few days after her AI picture leaks.

But According to Daily Mail, Taylor Swift, in the light of the event, is considering taking legal action against, 4chan and Celebjihad, the deepfake website that released her pictures.

The singer is the latest victim of the website, which openly disregards state porn laws.

This week, Celeb Jihad uploaded numerous explicit images depicting Swift engaged in sexual acts while adorned in Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia within the stadium.

Taylor Swift is the latest victim of the AI pics leaks
Taylor Swift is the latest victim of the AI pics leaks (Source: Twitter)

Swift, a regular attendee at Chiefs games since publicly revealing her relationship with star player Travis Kelce, had these images disseminated on platforms like X, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

However, Twitter started removing the pictures from its platform on Thursday morning.

However, it is unequivocal that people consider these AI-generated images abusive, offensive, and exploitative.

The social media platforms X and Reddit have been constantly removing the pictures.

However, many believe these platforms should even allow such content in the first place.

As fans, people should now emphasize the necessity of removing these images from all platforms.

Swift’s family, friends, and fans are furious, and calling for authorities to take legal measures.

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