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The Series Who Killed Sara Gay Couple Are Chema And Eli: Find The Truth

After the end of Who Killed Sara Season 3, many fans are left wondering about the gay couple in the series. Find out the truth further down the article.

Chilean writer and screenwriter José Ignacio Valenzuela’s Who Killed Sara? is a Mexican mystery thriller TV series.

Produced by Perro Azul, the series first came out on March 24, 2021, on Netflix.

Netflix released Season 2 on May 19, 2021, and at the end of its finale, they hinted that Season 3 was on the way.

Sure enough, a year later, the show’s season 3 finale premiered on May 18, 2022, on Netflix.

As the show ended, there were several hints and many plot twists. One clue that has left many fans wondering is about the gay couple in the series Who Killed Sara?

The Series Who Killed Sara Gay Couple Are Chema And Eli: Find The Truth

Since the Netflix series Who Killed Sara? fans have been curious about Chema’s sexuality, one of the main characters, and the gay couple involved in him.

Portrayed by the Mexican actor Eugenio Siller, José María “Chema” Lazcano is the middle child of César and Mariana Lazcano.

He is good friends with Álex but has a distant relationship with his family due to revealing that he is gay.

Who Killed Sara chema naked
Who Killed Sara? Chema looking at himself in the mirror (Source: Daily Express)

In the show, he is in a loving relationship with Lorenzo Rossi, and they both want to become parents.

Similarly, the Puerto Rican actor Luis Roberto Guzmán portrays Lorenzo Rossi, a lawyer and Chema’s boyfriend.

Lorenzo shares Chema’s desire to start a family together.

So, the show has made it pretty clear that both of them are gay.

However, there’s fan speculation about the gay couple in Who Killed Sara? being Chema And Eli.

While the show hasn’t explicitly stated their relationship, some hints point in that direction.

For instance, Chema shares a close bond with his best friend Eli, and they’re often seen together, with Chema even referring to Eli as his “partner in crime.”

This might suggest that they might have been in a gay relationship, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

In contrast, Eli might be straight and consider Chema, his close best friend. He might just be comfortable around Chema regardless of his sexuality.

Regardless, Chema plays a crucial role in Who Killed Sara? and remains a beloved character among fans.

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Gay Couple’s Story Based On The True Story Of Who Killed Sara’s Creator

The creator of the series Who Killed Sara? is José Ignacio Valenzuela, who has openly come out as gay.

Even the show’s story draws inspiration from his struggle as a gay person growing up in Chile.

Who Killed Sara creator gay
Who Killed Sara creator Jose with his husband Anthony (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with the Mexican newspaper Oaxaca, he said he was gay, and being a gay man, he had to fight for many civil rights, including the right to marry and have children.

Now, José has a husband named Anthony, with whom he has been together for several years.

They wanted to become a parent, so they had to fight for it. For that, they continued their search for almost five years and were almost going to give up.

However, their daughter Leonora was eventually born, fulfilling their long-held wish.

At that time, José was beginning to write his book Mona Carmona, and as soon as he held her in his arms, he ran to the computer and wrote a 4-word dedication that he had dreamed of for a long time:

A Leonora, ¡por fin!…

This roughly translates to “To Leonora, finally!”

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