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Who Is Will Sasso Wife Molly Sasso? Net Worth And Family

After Will Sasso announced his return to the screens with the series Loudermilk, his well-wishers suddenly developed an interest in his personal life and an urge to get the details regarding his married life and wife.

Will Sasso, born on May 24, 1975, is a Canadian actor, comedian, and podcaster.

He is notable for his appearance in five seasons as a Mad TV cast member and for the reboot of The Three Stooges.

Further, Will rose to prominence by posting videos on the video service Vine, where he created a running gag of violently throwing up lemons.

Over the years, the comedian has been recognized as a talented individual with roles in films like Super Troopers 2 and Klaus.

Such popularity has resulted in an increased interest in the personal matters of Will, including his marriage.

Now, netizens want details regarding the wife of Will Sasso to learn more about their relationship status.

Who Is Will Sasso Wife, Molly Sasso? Career & Net Worth

Comedians like Will Sasso often get questions about their relationships and family background.

Similarly, netizens’ focus shifted towards the wife of Will Sasso, Molly, as the media often spot her alongside the media personality.

Molly Sasso wearing a pink tank top
Molly Sasso loves spending time with her husband and pets. (Source: Instagram)

But, it’s unfortunate that his wife, Molly Sasso, prefers the quiet life as she never shares details about her personal life in the public sphere.

However, Molly has posted pictures with her late grandmother, hinting at the unforgettable impact her grandmother had on her life.

Regarding Molly’s interest, the celebrity spouse seems to be into ballet, as she modeled for the photographer Oliver Endahl.

Apart from that, she seems to be an animal lover, especially dogs, as Molly has two pets.

Indeed, she provides a glimpse into her life with her pets and Will through her Instagram handle, which has over 1k followers.

Molly Sasso taking selfie with her husband Will
Molly Sasso is interested in ballet. (Source: Instagram)

As she has not disclosed anything regarding her professional life, it has been difficult to ascertain her net worth.

But on the other hand, her husband, Will Sasso, has a net worth of approximately $4 million. So, it is safe to assume his wife is in the same range.

Together, Will and Molly have managed to create a successful life, and fans hope to see the addition of children soon.

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Will Faces Backlash For AI Comedy Special: Wife’s Reaction To Controversy

Recently, Will was the target of online backlash after releasing his AI-generated special on George Carlin.

Will and Chad released the faked special titled George Carlin: I’m Glad I’m Dead on the Dudsey podcast.

After that, the Carlin estate filed a complaint against the creator in LA federal court, alleging copyright infringement.

Molly Sasso holding her dogs
Molly and her husband eloped to marry each other. (Source: Instagram)

They accused Will of using the materials and likeness of the American comedian without an appropriate license, which created the trouble.

Additionally, the Carlin estate has demanded unspecified compensation for the damages to the comedian’s reputation.

Moreover, the content remains live on YouTube and has racked up over 500k views since its release.

Severe criticism followed Will after its release. In response, he stated that AI is the next paintbrush to be utilized in every aspect of our lives.

Amidst the lawsuit being filed, Will’s wife has refrained from providing a public statement.

Molly and Will during Christmas dinner
Will has received immense support in his career from his partner. (Source: Instagram)

However, the case is one of the emerging examples of fraudulent benefits from using technology.

Additionally, the Dudesy team stated that Chad wrote the entire content, giving it a human touch.

Carlin’s fans and family have criticized the fake special, believing it to mock the comedian’s work.

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