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Willie Gary Funeral Trend With Jamie Foxx The Burial: Is He Dead?

Commonly known as The Giant Killer, Willie Gary is a very reputed and infamous American attorney. But with the Jamie Foxx movie, the funeral of Willie Gary is trending on various platforms.

Willie Edward Gary, now 76, gained this notoriety as he took on some of America’s major corporations. He was suing them for millions on behalf of his clients.

Further, he primarily practiced in the state of Florida and also has a successful law firm in Florida itself.

Moreover, this firm, due to Willie’s popularity, attracts a massive number of clients.

His law firm primarily focuses on personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice lawsuits.

Willie initially gained massive popularity due to his part in the book The Giant Killers: Taking on America’s Largest Corporations.

This book was when people got to know who he was. However, the topic of discussion at the moment is the funeral of Willie Gary in the Jamie Foxx movie.

Willie Gary Funeral Trends With Jamie Foxx Movie The Burial: But Is He Dead?

Lately, given Jamie Foxx’s movie The Burial, Willie Gary has become an even more trending figure. People have begun searching about Willie’s death and funeral.

The search for Willie Gary and his funeral or death is primarily due to the movie’s title, The Burial.

However, Willie Gary is still doing well and openly supports the movie. This smashes the possibility of Willie Gary’s funeral.

The Burial was released on a limited screen in states like New York and California in early October.

Willie Gary funeral getting hyped after Jamie Foxx movie The Burial.
Willie Gary attended Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, on an athletic scholarship. (Source: Facebook)

Subsequently, it was also released on the popular streaming site Amazon Prime Video.

This streaming plan is how the movie has taken massive traction as more people are now aware of Willie.

Although the subject of the funeral and Willie has been trending due to the movie, most people seem to be ignoring Willie’s cameo in the film itself.

Willie Gary has a cameo in the movie, sharing screen space with the lead actor portraying him, Jamie Foxx.

Keen fans would immediately notice this and know that this trend of Willie Gary relating to a funeral is simply a hoax.

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Is The Case Reflected In The Movie The Burial?

The Burial is related to the O’Keefe v. Loewen case.

The movie is loosely based on the article published in 1999 in The New Yorker, titled The Burial by Jonathan Harr.

In the actual case, O’Keefe had a funeral business in Mississippi, and Willie Gary was defending. They sued a large burial company over a contractual dispute.

The case was rather odd, involving a major corporation and even a deeper story of race and power.

The case trial lasted eight weeks and ended up in favor of O’Keefe.

However, there was a major mistake in stipulating the damages.

The verdict eventually came to be of $500 Million, of which $100 Million was actual damages and the rest being punitive damages.

Willie Gary taking a picture on a balcony
Willie Gary is married to Gloria Gary, and they have four children: Kenneth, Sekou, Kobe, and Ali. (Source: Facebook)

Later, this amount was highly controversial as it was a rather massive amount at the time. Further, there was a major error in stipulating damages during the case hearing.

Willie regularly boasts of defending his client to his best and winning over 150 cases. The amount of settlement is something he seems proud of as well.

Further, he has gained the title of Giant Killer for this reason.

However, there is a strong argument that he is a Client Killer rather than a Giant Killer.

This is primarily because of Willie’s greed and attempt to milk a case to gain maximum settlement.

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