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Wingwomen Movie Wikipedia 2023: Plot Summary And Review

Wingwomen, a thrilling comedy, follows two daring female thieves longing for a crime-free life. Packed with action and humor, their escapades captivate audiences, sparking curiosity. Dive into the hilarious world of Wingwomen movie on Wikipedia for more on their wild journey.

The Wingwomen movie, crafted by Bastien Vives, Florent Ruppert, and Jerome Mulot, debuted in November 2023.

Helmed by director Laurent, the film seamlessly blends humor and unexpected twists.

It revolves around long-time friends and female thieves, Carole and Alex, who desire a peaceful life free from Marraine’s influence.

To achieve their dream, they enlist the assistance of Sam, a former motorbike champion.

The narrative unfolds with a touch of comedy and unforeseen turns, creating an engaging cinematic experience.

The story won’t be enough to fit into just a few words, which leaves many people searching for Wingwomen movies on Wikipedia.

Wingwomen Movie Wikipedia: Story And The Plot Summary

The Wingwomen movie is a rare French action film directed by Melanie Laurent.

Showcases Laurent herself as the lead character, Carole—a steely, chiseled blonde.

Carole’s best friend, Alex, portrays themselves as an expert sniper and an unapologetic flirt.

The dynamic duo, built on years of trust, relies on Carole’s strategic brilliance and Alex’s physical prowess.

The Wingwomen Movie three main characters.
The Wingwomen movie has three main characters who are hoping to be free from the world of crime. (Source: YouTube)

Their world takes a tumultuous turn during a diamond heist when they face a drone attack.

Despite the assault, they narrowly escape. Soon after, Carole discovers her pregnancy, prompting a decision to break free from their life of crime.

Their journey to gain freedom encounters hurdles, including an ambush by gunmen in a secret woodland hideout.

Surviving the attack, Carole approaches their Godmother, negotiating freedom for a hefty fee.

The duo embarks on their final heist, enlisting a new member named Sam, a racer introduced by Abner.

The shoot out scene in the Wingwomen Movie.
The shootout where Carloe and Alex survive and negotiate the day after with a heavy price to Godmother.

The narrative unfolds as they risk their lives for this daring endeavor.

As the movie concludes, the Godmother attempts to eliminate Carole and Alex, but the resilient pair prevails.

Further, fast forward four years, Carole is now living with her child, promising to reveal her survival story to Alex in a tear-jerking reunion.

The Wingwomen movie weaves together action, suspense, and the bond between its lead characters.

Offering a gripping narrative directed by the multi-talented Melanie Laurent. However, the Wingwomen movie hasn’t been featured yet on Wikipedia. 

Also, people are more curious to know about the casting team and review of Wingwomen movie on its Wikipedia page.

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Who Are The Cast Members of Wingwomen Movie?

There are ten cast members in the movie Wingwomen.

First of the main three actresses: Adele Exarchopoulos’s role as Alex, Melanie Laurent (Carole) and Manon Bresch (Sam).

The other members are Isabelle Adjani (Marraine), Philippe Katerine (Abner), Estelle Pignet, Leona D’Huly, Ludovic Faure.

At last, Lucie Laffin played the role of Passante.

Adele Exarchopoulos role as Alex, Melanie Laurent (Carole) and Manon Bresch (Sam) in the movie.
The three main sisters, Carole, Alex and Sam, risked their lives to get freedom. (Source: Instagram)

However, many people have found the movie fine with respect to its story. 

On the other hand, some have given a bad response. The movie can’t make everyone happy due to their different perspective.

Moreover, people are praising the movie for its plot and effort.

Some have found it very boring for its story. It has a 5.6 rating on IMDb out of 4.1k ratings.

Nevertheless, the Wingwomen movie Wikipedia page is not live yet, but it might be in the near future.

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