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True And Mutual Love! Yuta Domain Expansion Explained In JJK 249

It seems like Yuta will be taking all the spotlight from the other characters in JJK after the revelation of his ‘True and Mutual Love’ domain expansion. Fans wonder if he can copy Sukuna.

JJK chapter 249 was a whirlwind of exciting new details and revelations in the manga series.

We got to see the most awaited battle between the dark-haired sorcerer Yuta and the evil Sukuna.

It had been two years since Yuta first gave us a glimpse of his Domain Expansion, ‘True and Mutual Love,’ in chapter 179.

After a long build-up, mangaka Gege Akutami fully reveals how it works in chapter 249 of JJK.

The Domain Expansion of Yuta is much more impressive than everyone had been speculating, let us get into the details.

Yuta Takes Center Stage: ‘True and Mutual Love’ Domain Expansion

What we know after chapter 249 of Jujutsu Kaisen is that the domain expansion of Yuta works in tandem.

The domain is called the ‘True and Mutual Love Domain.’

Yuta JJK
Yuta has made him come back and is now taking all the spotlight in Jujutsu Kaisen. (Source: Twitter)

Yuta can use the domain with the help of his innate cursed technique called ‘Copy.’

The cursed technique ‘copy’ allows Yuta to replicate other curse techniques.

‘Copy’ allows him to mimic even the techniques exclusive to any other sorcerer or family.

Some cursed techniques he has copied using the ‘copy’ are Toge Inumaki’s ‘Cursed speech’ and Gojo’s ‘Hallow Purple.’

The domain Expansion of Yuta’s ‘True and Mutual Love’ further increases the power of his ‘Copy’ technique.

The domain expansion helps him break the restrictions that he previously had.

Yuta Domain Expansion
Fans cannot wait for the battle between Sukuna and Yuta to get to the extreme. (Source: Twitter)

With the help of ‘True and Mutual Love,’ Yuta can be limitless and even more powerful.

This unique nature of the domain expansion has made Yuta one of the most versatile characters in Jujutsu Kaisen.

We now know that Yuta can easily copy all the curse techniques that he has seen before.

However, there is still a big confusion among fans about whether Yuta will be able to copy techniques he had never experienced firsthand.

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Can Yuta Copy Sukuna’s Techniques & Change The Game In Jujutsu?

The revelation of Yuta’s domain expansion, ‘True and Mutual Love,’ has further fueled a lot of curiosity among JJK fans.

They now wonder if he can copy Sukuna’s curse techniques to defeat him.

If he can do that, it will be a game-changer for the manga series.

Further, watching how Sukuna will navigate the difficulties will be interesting.

Yuta chasing sukuna
Yuta surely now has the upper hand in the battle, but Sukuna’s powers are not something to undermine. (Source: Twitter)

Fans had been complaining about how repetitive the battles have been getting.

Now, the revelation of Yuta’s domain expansion has led to new excitement among Jujutsu Kaisen fans.

Some fans say that it will shift the spotlight from Yuji to Yuta as the main protagonist of the manga series.

Up until now, Gege Akutami has not given us any hint if any other sorcerer from JJK possesses the same technique.

Let’s see how long Sukuna can finally understand and make a solid plan to win over Yuta’s unique technique.

Fans cannot wait for the upcoming chapter of JJK to see more of the ‘True and Mutual Love’ domain expansion of Yuta.

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