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Is Yuvraj Menda Gay? Gender & Sexuality Of Archies Dilton Doiley

Fans are curious about whether Yuvraj Menda is gay or not due to his recent surge in popularity and his Instagram posts. So, let’s look into it!

Yuvraj Menda is a well-known Indian actor, dancer, model, influencer, and TikTok celebrity.

In addition to his amazing dancing abilities, Yuvraj is well-known for making reels and lip-sync videos on his social media.

Moreover, Yuvraj Menda and social media personality Taneesha Mirwani have collaborated on numerous dance videos together.

However, the videos are not why Yuvraj’s getting the spotlight.

The recent surge in the internet is after Yuvraj starred in the Netflix movie The Archies as Dilton Doiley.

Due to his role in this movie, Yuvraj Menda has gained 22.1k followers on Instagram, with many fans loving him.

Nevertheless, many netizens are interested in learning whether Yuvraj Menda is gay or not after seeing him in the spotlight and looking through his Instagram.

Is Yuvraj Menda Gay? Gender And Sexuality

Being famous, Yuvraj Menda managed to garner questions about his sexuality and being gay.

Many people speculate that Menda is gay, as per his Instagram posts.

In addition, he removed his pronouns, He/Him, from his Instagram profile a while ago.

Menda posing with a mesh angel top.
He came into the spotlight after his latest Netflix movie, The Archies. (Source: Instagram)

However, as Yuvraj Menda has not yet discussed his sexual orientation, people must not assume he is gay based on baseless rumors.

Moreover, Yuvraj is not in a relationship or has a partner as he is focused on his career.

Due to this reason, many netizens or his followers believe he is gay.

Nonetheless, unless Yuvraj Menda addresses the assumptions of his sexual orientation, netizens must not believe the groundless rumors.

As he has not disclosed his personal life on the internet, many people pay great attention to the talented actor.

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Yuvraj’s Early Life And Career: The Archies

As Yuvraj Menda has not revealed his date of birth, some sources on the internet assume he was born around 2002.

Estimated 21-year-old social media influencer, model, dancer, and actor was born in India and is Hindu.

Menda posing in a white corset top.
Yuvraj Menda is addressed as gay by most of his fans, based on his Instagram posts. (Source: Instagram)

Yuvi is the nickname Yuvraj Menda’s family and friends affectionately gave him.

He completed his fundamental studies in India and then took classes at a reputable university in another country.

As a dog lover, Menda has a dog named Agastya Menda, who he loves dearly.

Meanwhile, there is little information about the actor’s family as he does not share his personal life on the internet.

Nevertheless, he had a very strong desire to work in this industry from an early age.

The Archies movie poster.
Yuvraj’s friends and family affectionately call him Yuvi. (Source: Instagram)

Before Yuvraj stepped into his acting career, his main priority was his dancing profession.

In addition to his dancing profession, he also made reels and TikTok lip-sync videos.

In May 2022, Yuvraj gained immense popularity by presenting the poster for his upcoming movie, The Archies.

The Archies is a 2023 Indian teen musical comedy film directed by Zoya Akhtar where Yuvraj Menda plays the role of Dilton Doiley.

Reimagined and presented through the unique perspective of the Anglo-Indian community, the movie delves into themes of friendship, independence, love, heartbreak, and rebellion.

Nevertheless, as he keeps his personal life private, people presume his sexual orientation and gender, mainly due to his Instagram posts.

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