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Zayn Malik Exposed By Sam Fisher Tiktok: Is He Queer Fetisizer?

Zayn Malik fans are restless as he has been trending online following a storytime on TikTok which exposed his questionable activities. So, what really happened to the singer? Find out the details further in this article.

Zain Javadd Malik, known professionally as Zayn, rose to stardom after competing in the British music series, The X Factor.

He was initially eliminated but was brought back to form the boyband, One Direction, which went on to become one of the best boy bands of all time.

Further, Malik left the group in 2015 and carved his name in the industry with the label RCA Records.

He delved into alternative R&B music style on his solo album, Mind Of Mine, which topped global charts.

Despite his popularity, Malik rarely makes public appearances thanks to his preference for a quiet lifestyle.

However, he has been trending online after a TikTok user accused him of queer fetishization.

Soon after the user exposed Zayn Malik for his online actions, fans rushed to find the truth about the incident.

Zayn Malik Exposed By Sam Fisher Tiktok: Is He Queer Fetisizer?

Recently, a TikTok user, Sam Fisher, exposed Zayn Malik of his shocking behaviour leading to an online frenzy.

Fisher claims that it started with Malik finding her Instagram account through a dating platform, Tinder.

Further, she was in disbelief as the singer initiated the conversation through his verified account and even viewed her story updates.

Zayn Malik wearing glasses
Malik often texted Fisher about his work and daily life. (Source: Twitter)

Soon they indulged in a friends-with-benefits type of relationship where Malik often invited her over.

The 33-year-old TikTok user stated that the initial conversations were smooth running with no complaints.

However, Malik realized that she was a bisexual woman which led to a series of shocking revelations.

After learning about Fisher’s previous relationship with a woman, Malik suggested a threesome.

Additionally, the singer proposed to the user to find another woman to join them for an intimate night.

Initially, Fisher didn’t deny the request and tried her best to find a partner while keeping the identity of Malik a secret.

Regardless, she couldn’t find anyone trustworthy to join in the invitation from the star.

The singer often argued with Fisher due to her incapability to find a partner to fulfill his requests.

Zayn Malik taking a selfie
Malik clarified that he wanted a casual relationship. (Source: Twitter)

Soon, Malik began switching sides with intentions to make Fisher feel guilty about her actions.

As Zayn Malik got exposed, Fisher didn’t hesitate to call him a queer fetisizer and ignorant.

Despite the evidence, fans are in disbelief as they claim that the singer is not capable of such actions.

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Text Screenshots And Pictures: Reaction From Zayn Malik’s PR Team

The TikTok user exposed Zayn Malik along with publicly sharing all the text chains and pictures shared between the pair.

In a series of images, it is evident that Malik often proposed the idea of a threesome to Fisher.

Moreover, the singer expressed that he only liked to spend intimate times with “big girls.”

Zayn Malik texts with Sam Fisher
Malik wanted to have a threesome with Fisher and her friend. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, she began to realize that she had developed romantic feelings toward Malik despite her actions.

Shortly after, Fisher cut ties with the singer before reaching out to him on Christmas Eve.

After searching diligently, Fisher finally found a partner for the request and planned a meeting at Malik’s home.

However, Fisher was intoxicated which led to the singer asking her to leave his property disrespectfully.

Later, Malik texted her while noting that he felt mistreated and neglected by Fisher.

Zayn sending Fisher a picture
Fisher posted all the details of her time with Malik. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, she responded by stating that she never wanted a part in his sexual actions and only gave in due to Malik’s constant messages.

Fisher then used her TikTok account to publicly announce her side of the story while revealing several photos that the singer sent her.

Amidst the controversy, Malik and his PR team have maintained their silence on the trending matter.

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