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Zayn Malik Leak: Dating Profile Conversation Screenshot Goes Viral!

Singer Zayn Malik is always in some kind of drama, this time a girl has come forward with some revelations about her equations with him, she has solid proof that she did leak.

Zayn Malik may be a very private person but he often finds himself in big controversies.

From online feud with YouTubers to alleged fight with his ex-girlfriend’s mother he has dealt with it all.

After living a very low-key life for a while he had finally made some public appearances.

Everyone thought that it was his big comeback and something extraordinary was in store for this year.

However, he’s all over the headlines not for his music but for another controversy.

A girl has come forward with multiple screenshots of her conversation with Zayn.

She has also shared various pictures of Zayn Malik that were unseen by the public, this leak may be one of the biggest controversies he has ever been in.

Zayn Malik Faces A Leak: Conversation Reveals Unexpected Requests and Unfolding Events

The girl who came forward with the leak is a 33-year-old queer person whose name is Sam Fisher.

According to Sam, Zayn Malik and she met each other through Tinder which is a popular dating app.

Zayn Leak
Zayn Malik fans are also in shock after the leak. (Source: Reddit)

He then went on to look for her on Instagram, found her, and texted her from his verified account.

After texting each other for a while they met in person.

The rest of the details below are all based on the screenshots of Sam Fisher’s alleged conversation with Zayn that she has shared with the public.

According to the leak, one day Zayn Malik asked Sam if she likes girls to which she replied ‘yes.’

Then Zayn asked her to be in a threesome and to find a girl who would like to engage in it.

However, Zayn made it clear to her to not use his name while finding a girl for the threesome.

Sam says that she had to lie to Zayn because it was hard to convince any girl to get into a threesome with an unknown person.

Zayn Malik Leak
Zayn Malik will have to come forward with something solid. (Source: Reddit)

After the agreement between Sam and the girl, they set up a date but it is not successful.

Based on the leak, it appears that after a couple of days, Sam and Zayn Malik did end up having a threesome.

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Zayn Malik and His Tinder Date: Unmet Expectations, and a Shocking Threesome Twist

Sam and Zayn were still hooking up casually and her birthday was around the corner.

She asked Zayn if he was free on her birthday to which he replied he was and he would try to find a girl for them to ‘play with.’

Sam hesitantly replies that she wants to spend time alone with him on her birthday.

They make a plan and decide to meet but Zayn never replies to her.

After a while, Zayn texts her asking about doing the threesome again.

Sam gets upset and tries to tell him that she does not feel like doing it.

In the screenshot leak, Zayn Malik replies saying that he was doing it for her because she wanted it.

Zayn leaked picture.
Zayn’s new pictures are going viral very rapidly. (Source: Reddit)

Sam then gets defensive and says, “You did not even want to see me on my birthday it was never about me.”

To which Zayn replies, “If you want c**k hit me up if you want a friend to join us at some point let me know.”

This upsets Sam and she tells Zayn to never meet her again because she is starting to develop feelings.

These new details have created a huge buzz on the internet and everyone is in shock.

However, we have yet to hear from Zayn Malik and his team about the leak and the screenshots.

There is a chance that the whole fiasco may or may not be true, only time can tell.

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