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Zyra Gorecki Wikipedia, Age: Meet La Brea Season 3 Cast

With the increasing popularity of La Brea Season 3, all cast are getting attention, including Zyra Gorecki, as people started wondering about her age and personal life through Wikipedia.

Zyra Gorecki is a famous American actress who made her presence known through her outstanding performance in TV series.

Although she has appeared in various series, she has been recognized mostly for portraying Izzy Harris in the NBC original series La Brea.

The reason for the series gaining fame is because of the resilience shown by Zyra despite being an amputee since the logging incident, which destroyed her leg at 14.

However, that did not stop Zyra from acting, as she has established herself as a versatile talent in the entertainment industry.

Thanks to that, she has attracted many followers on different social media networks by posting mixed aspects of her life.

Thus, netizens are looking up Wikipedia pages to learn more about Zyra Gorecki and her life.

Zyra Gorecki Wikipedia: Age, Bio, And Early Life

As Zyra Gorecki gained huge popularity on Instagram, many are curious about her personal life and searching for her Wikipedia page.

However, despite the huge public attention, Zyra Gorecki still does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. But we have it covered.

Zyra Gorecki is an American actress and model born on the 4th of July in Michigan, United States.

Meanwhile, various sources have mentioned her birth year between 1997 and 2002, so the exact year is still to be configured.

As a child living in Michigan, Zyra had to face the tragedy of losing part of her left leg at 14 due to a lumber accident.

Zyra Gorecki in black dress
Zyra earned an award called ReFrame in 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Despite this setback, Zyra’s determination to pursue her passion for modeling and acting did not fail, as she pursued it with greater ambition.

With support from her family, she settled with Bravo Talent Entertainment and commenced on the path to entertainment.

Additionally, through her journey in TV series, Zyra has gained merit for playing many roles.

Zyra is also a model, and she features on her Instagram profile, where its followers are substantial.

The fan base in social media is all because of Zyra’s interesting talks about acting, work ethic, and modeling topics.

Zyra Gorecki in white dress
Zyra maintains her body by exercising at the gym. (Source: Instagram)

Despite her success, Zyra remains private about her personal life, with limited information about her education.

Meanwhile, Zyra is 22 years old as of 2024, and she still amazes the audience with her works; this showcases how strong desire can lead to dreams.

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Career And Net Worth Of Zyra Gorecki

Zyra Gorecki, an American actress and model, actively began her acting career through appearances on TV series.

Her roles includes Stuck Pedestrian in Chicago Fire, released in 2016 as the character Daisy.

But her role as Izzy Harris in the NBC series La Brea, released in 2021, brought her popularity.

She has also been involved with the non-governmental organization Amputee Blade Runners, showing her involvement in philanthropic endeavors.

Zyra Gorecki with a bow
Zyra Gorecki likes bike riding with his father. (Source: Instagram)

This shows Zyra Gorecki’s determination to contribute positively to society.

Meanwhile, as of 2024, Zyra Gorecki’s net worth is estimated to be between $500k to $1 million.

She earns primarily through acting, modeling, and sponsored content on Twitter and Instagram.

Despite facing challenges, including the loss of a portion of her left leg in a logging accident at the age of 14, Zyra’s resilience and determination have propelled her toward success in the entertainment industry.

Nonetheless, she manages to push forward on a professional path without loosening her grip on work ardor and charity.

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