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Amari Noelle Ferguson: Wikipedia & Age Of The Chi Star Ahmad Ferguson Sister

American actor Ahmad Ferguson has seen a sudden rise in fame, attracting the attention of fans towards his family, mainly his sister, about whom they are curious to know.

Ahmad Ferguson has been the talk of the town for quite some time now for his role in the popular TV show The Chi.

His role as Bakari in the Showtime series has gained the attention of thousands.

However, the attention that Ahmad has been getting consequently got hold of his sister, an R&B artist.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into learning more about who the sister of Ahmad Ferguson is.

Amari Noelle Ferguson Wikipedia: Social Media and Career

For fans looking to find the Wikipedia of the sister of Ahmad Ferguson- bad news, as she does not have a Wikipedia page.

However, Amari has an IMDb page.

Amari, famous as Million$$$Maddy, is an R&B artist known for her songs Hurt (2022) and Wouldn’t Do (2022). 

Ahmad Ferguson sister
Amari Noelle Ferguson during the recording of one of her songs. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, people believe that the fame Amari receives is all because of her status as the sister of Ahmad Ferguson.

However, that is not the entire truth. Amari is a TikTok content creator with followers of around 190k.

In addition, she is active on Instagram, too, as she has a public account where she boasts a whopping 56.5k followers.

This vast mass of followers has all to do with her music career, which she started from scratch.

She was initially into basketball and hit the gym frequently.

On one such occasion, she met a singing group in gym class who swayed her attention towards singing.

Amari recorded her song on her iPhone and randomly posted it on social handles for a head start. However, the results were not what she expected.

Her random song started taking an upward curve, boosting Amari’s confidence.

With this, she released her first single, Wait For Me, in 2021. Then, she joined the YouTube Music Foundry Class of 2022.

The same year, she released her first project, Love Is My Religion. Later, an event management group, LVTRRAW, acquired her.

Ahmad Ferguson Sister Amari
Amari Noelle Ferguson as the cover for R&B Lounge Spotify playlist in August. (Source: Instagram)

With her newfound fame, she collaborated with top R&B artist Jacob Latimore for Wouldn’t Do 2.

She also released For The Girls ft. Kodie Shane recently, on May 2023, which already has 61k views on YouTube.

How Old Is Ahmad Ferguson Sister, Amari: Age and Family

Amari Noelle Ferguson was born in Gary, Indiana, on November 19, 1997. She was raised by her father, Archie Ferguson, and her mother, Altovise Ferguson.

The talent seems to run through the family, as Altovise Ferguson is a singer/songwriter.

She is known to have performed in musicals, events, and at church.

She also has a website, which she uses to promote herself and take bookings for events.

ahmad ferguson sister poses
Amari Noelle Ferguson poses for an Instagram photo. (Source: Instagram)

The family has another talented artist, Ahmad Ferguson, widely known for his role as Bakari in the TV show The Chi.

The Chi is not the only show he has under his name, as he has also appeared in Shameless and Chicago P.D.

Meanwhile, Amari is the only sister of Ahmad Ferguson and has no other siblings.

Ahmad and Amari have a striking resemblance to each other, making most viewers confuse them as twins.

However, that is not the case, as Amari is 25 and four years older than her brother, making Ahmad around 21.

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