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Alexee Trevizo Wikipedia, Update: Instagram Searches Rise Up

As Alexee Trevizo made headlines with her horrible crime resulting in different charges, people’s interest in her details has led them to her Wikipedia. So, who is she? Let’s find out.

Alexee Trevizo is a 19-year-old woman who recently rose to prominence after a horrifying case.

She was arrested for murdering her newborn baby by stuffing him in the hospital trash can.

Upon the court hearing, she won a bail modification and is currently awaiting a pending trial.

Further, her crime of killing has put a mark on her life at a very early age, leading to multiple hearings and sentencing.

As the case made headlines, the killer’s family and early life were a subject of interest to many people.

Meanwhile, as Alexee Trevizo awaits her trial, many have shown keen interest in her life and are looking for her Wikipedia for further details.

Alexee Trevizo Wikipedia: Who Is The Child Killer?

Recently, netizens’ increased interest in the early life of Alexee Trevizo has led to a significant rise in search for her Wikipedia.

However, given the broad coverage of her case, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Alexee Trevizo.

Alexee Trevizo pictured in prison
The authorities arrested Alexee Trevizo on May 10, 2023. (Source: Instagram)

So, we have come up with some exciting information about Alexee and her personal life.

Alexee Trevizo was born and raised in New Mexico along with her parents, who are said to be from Artesia.

Although of her increasing fame, no sources have mentioned any details related to her family and early years.

Due to this lack of disclosure, it is hard to mention whether she has siblings.

Meanwhile, similar to other teenagers, Alexee also grew up in a typical family environment.

However, following a tragic incident, her journey took a dark turn during her high school days.

In January of 2023, she was admitted to Artesia General Hospital for back pain and ended up giving birth to a baby in its emergency room.

She allegedly tied up the newborn in an attempt to conceal his existence and tried to kill the baby boy.

This unforeseen incident, when it made its way to the media, shocked United States citizens due to its complexities.

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Details On The Tragic Incident And The Aftermath

The tragic incident occurred on January 27, 2023, at the Artesia General Hospital in New Mexico.

As earlier mentioned, the 19-year-old teenage girl, Alexee, came in for medical attention at the hospital due to lower back pain.

Alexee Trevizo with her boyfriend.
Alexee Trevizo and her boyfriend attended the prom during her pretrial release. (Source: Twitter)

However, the routine checkup soon became a devastating and life-changing event for Alexee.

During her checkup, Alexee unexpectedly went into labor and gave birth to a child in the privacy of the room.

Further, as the hospital staff went in to perform their duties, they made an upsetting discovery inside the restroom.

They found the lifeless body of a newborn baby in a trash bag in the hospital restroom.

This incident further led to immediate reaction from hospitals, law enforcement, and medical professionals.

As the investigation of the case began, the autopsy revealed the death of the baby as a homicide.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the incident, Alexee Trevizo faced a series of legal charges related to the baby’s death.

Moreover, the incident soon caught nationwide attention, becoming one of the most horrible events in legal history.

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More About The Legal Proceedings And Update

Following the tragic incident and further investigations, the authorities formally charged Alexee Trevizo with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

These charges further carried serious implications and legal consequences.

Alexee Trevizo in hospital with a shocking face
Alexee Trevizo initially denied her pregnancy, considering a weight gain. (Source: Twitter)

During the motions hearing, a judge permitted Alexee Trevizo to attend New Mexico State University.

However, many disagreed with the decision, and a petition asking the school to reconsider her admission gained attention.

Further, after her arrest on May 10, another judge allowed her pretrial release despite the prosecutor’s denial.

As of now, it is unclear whether Alexee is attending her classes or not, but she indeed is not pursuing a career in either nursing or social work.

Meanwhile, she has a pretrial hearing on July 22, 2024, in the 5th Judicial Court in Carlsbad, NM.

Further, her jury trial regarding the case will take place on August 26, 2024, in the same court.

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