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Andrea Adamo Motocross Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is MX2 Champion?

After concluding a Motocross championship on his home turf, Andrea Adamo has gained much attention, leading people to know more about his Wikipedia.

Andrea Adamo was born in Erice, Italy, on September 23, 2000.

His Motocross journey began when he was young, with his first race in a regional championship at age 8.

Andrea is a rising star of Motocross who recently competed in the MX2 FIM World Motocross Championship class.

Further, Andrea shot to fame in 2017 after he won the Honda EMX150 title.

Since then, he has made a name for himself in the following years by improving and showing good results.

Andrea has raced under teams like Pardi Racing, Yamaha SM Action and SM Action Racing.

The 2022 season saw Andrea take his form to new heights with many podiums and eight-place overall.

As the winner of this season of MX2, people are curious to learn more about the Italian rider, Andrea Adamo, but there is no Wikipedia page yet.

Andrea Adamo Motocross: Wikipedia And Social Media

Andrea Adamo has no Wikipedia page, but his social media handle provides some good insights.

Raised in Bologna and later in the US, Andrea was always interested in motorcycling.

He attended Pradi Racing School in Chieti during his early days for three years.

Further, 2019 was Andrea’s first European Championship, followed by a World Championship debut in 2021.

His career has fast-forwarded since then, with many wins in the Motocross championships.

Andrea Adamo shows excellent performance in MX2 championship
The MX2 champion is leading during a race. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Andrea signed a contract with KTM Factory Racing after his Grand Prix in Mantova.

Recently, Andrea concluded his first MX2 World Championship win after showing a performance.

The Italian racer has been consistent throughout this season, bringing the team a fifteenth title in 20 years.

After 3-3-3 overall in Mx2, Andrea talked about the race as,

I cannot believe it. This is really like a dream. Thank you everyone.

Despite immense pressure, he showed incredible mental strength and raised above the ranks this season.

Regarding his social media handle, Andrea has gained 42.3k followers on Instagram.

He posts mostly about races and championships through his social media, and netizens are now curious to know more about his family.

How Old Is MX2 Champion? Age And Family Details

Andrea is currently in his 20s and was raised by Nino and Lina.

Further, it is believed he has three siblings, Manuela, Toni and Carol.

Andrea’s siblings attend school in Italy along with his sister, who is now a university student.

However, there is no information about the age difference between Andrea and his siblings.

His family is supportive of his career, as his father was the one who introduced Andrea to Motocross.

Andrea Adamo with his girlfriend
Elena Maddii is the current girlfriend of Andrea Adamo. (Source: Instagram)

Andrea would watch his father’s employee, a Motocross rider, which made him passionate about the sport.

Meanwhile, he began dating Elena Maddii in 2020. Elena is present at every race and shows her support to Andrea.

Further, Elena is the daughter of Corrado Mardii, a former professional Motocross, who has been training Andrea.

With Andrea’s parents and siblings in Italy, Elena is accompanying him for his championships across nations.

Elena Maddii along with Andrea after his first Grand Prix win
Andrea and Elena look like the perfect dream team. (Source: Instagram)

She posts pictures of Andrea and his events through her Instagram, which has over 3k followers.

Fans can’t get enough of this couple as they love her support for the Italian champion.

Andrea is one of the rising players, and with such accomplishment at his age, he is sure to be even better.

After his signing with KTM, he has shown an impressive side that viewers adore.

Further, with an emotional win at his home Grand Prix, he will likely secure many more contracts and deals in the future.

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