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Has Antonia Gentry Nose Undergone Surgery? Before And After Photos

Rumors began spreading after people noticed specific changes in the facial structure of the Ginny and Georgia actress Antonia Gentry, including her nose.

Antonia Bonea Gentry, from Atlanta, Georgia, was born on 25 September 1997. She decided to shorten her name to Tony because people kept mispronouncing it.

She started her acting career at 11 by taking over minor roles. This made her shine in front of the audience from a young age.

After playing different roles, Antonia Gentry finally got her first regular lead role as Ginny Miller in Ginny and Georgia.

Later, she was even nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance in TV Awards by critics who loved her performance.

Thanks to the nomination and her performance, Antonia Gentry gained popularity.

However, with popularity came rumors and scandal for Antonia Gentry as fans noticed certain differences in her face, mainly the nose.

This led to the rumor that Antonia Gentry had undergone a nose job or plastic surgery. But is that true?

Did Antonia Gentry Undergo Nose Surgery? Before And After

Antonia Gentry started her career as an actress when she was 11. Due to this, people noticed the changes in her face.

Lately, many rumors have been spreading about Antonia Gentry getting nose surgery. You can notice a change in her nose when comparing it to seasons 1 and 2 of Ginny and Georgia.

Given that Antonia was 23 years old during season 1 and 25 years old during season 2, it’s completely possible that she is just maturing and coming into her traits.

Additionally, no official record or evidence suggests that Antonia Gentry has had nose surgery.

Antonia Gentry in black dress and smiling
Antonia Gentry thanked her makeup artist for the look (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she has not given her fans any reason for the observed change in her nose.

So, the rumors of Antonia Gentry undergoing nose surgery might not be accurate.

Also, the change in her nose between the two seasons might be because of the talented makeup team of Ginny and Georgia.

Besides, nose contouring by skilled makeup artists can make anyone’s nose look as perfect as going through surgery.

Still, she looks gorgeous in both seasons. But we don’t know how or why Antonia Gentry’s nose looks different; it’s a mystery.

Does Antonia Gentry Have Any Surgery History?

At just 25 years old, with her stunning facial features, Antonia Gentry’s appearance can leave many wondering if it’s all-natural.

After a few changes that have been seen in her face, some people believe that her beauty might be due to having surgery on her face.

No doubt, she looks gorgeous with her beautiful freckles, perfectly styled hair, and dark brown eyes.

But makeup could also be a factor that made her look beautiful. Despite her natural beauty, makeup might be the one thing that isn’t natural but still enhances her looks.

However, there’s no solid evidence to prove these ideas, so we can’t say for sure if her beauty is completely natural.

Antonia Gentry touching her hair
Antonia Gentry shared her hair care routine (Source: Instagram)

Also, Antonia Gentry has always charmed her audience with her stunning appearance.

And since there’s no evidence of surgery, it’s safe to say her beauty is all-natural.

As people noticed her natural hair and skin, they became curious about how she takes care of herself, including her makeup, hair, and skincare routines.

Moreover, she has even shared her simple skincare and haircare routines with her fans since they seemed curious about her beauty secret.

Nevertheless, if she hasn’t had any surgery, it’s possible that the changes in her face are just a result of getting older, and she’s naturally blessed with a beautiful look.

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