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Is Chris Jenks Gay? Sex Education Actor Gender & Sexuality

With the increase in popularity of the Sex Education actor Chris Jenks, rumors about him possibly being gay have started to circulate all over the internet in recent times. But are the rumors true?

Chris Jenks is a well-known British actor who portrayed Steve Morley in the popular Netflix series Sex Education.

Born in 1992 in the United Kingdom, Chris is best known for his roles in The Athena (2018), Karen Pirie (2022), and Miracle Workers (2019).

Furthermore, because of his well-earned fame, fans are showering him with admiration and love for his roles.

But a major concern among the fans is regarding his gender, and they have started questioning whether Chris Jenks is gay.

Is Chris Jenks Gay? Sex Education Actor Gender & Sexuality

The sexuality of celebrities has always been a major concern for their fans globally.

And with the recent popularization of Chris Jenks in Hollywood, he has been the major target of these gay rumors.

Chris is a private person and has always kept his personal life away from people, including his sexuality.

This makes it further challenging to confirm his gender identity.

Chris Jenks wearing a cream color sweater and chinos posing.
The rumors about Chris Jenks being gay need credible information to be confirmed. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, there is no credible source of information to validate the rumors of Chris Jenks being gay.

Moreover, his on-screen portrayal of characters with diverse sexual orientations has fueled a fire among the people considering him to be gay.

However, this isn’t exactly related to any current incidents but has raised a question regarding his sexual orientation.

Nevertheless, it is unclear and unethical to definitively state Chris’s sexuality unless an official statement is released.

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Chris Jenks Relationship: Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Despite being a rising star in Hollywood, the information about Chris Jenks’s relationship status is not widely available.

Furthermore, lack of information has always resulted in inconclusive information for fans and curious individuals.

Moreover, according to the sources, Chris is possibly single and appears great at keeping his private life away from the media and the public eye.

Chris posing in the stairs wearing his Sex Education dress.
Chris is quite private about his life and never talks about his relationship. (Source: Instagram)

This action seems to help keep him away from dating rumors or controversies. 

However, with the lack of information, some have started questioning his sexual orientation and the possibility of him being gay.

In conclusion, the answer to the question is still a mystery and might remain one unless Chris shares it with the public.

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Details On Chris Jenks’s Career And Current Projects

As of 2023, Chris Jenks seems focused on his upcoming project, My Darkest Hour. 

This upcoming documentary following self-professed darkness expert Anthony Snatch will also be Chris’s debut project as a writer.

Moreover, talking about his past, Chris began his professional acting career in 2016 and made his official debut through a short film titled Terminal.

Chris Jenks wearing a brown jacket with his hands in his pocket.
Chris has appeared on Netflix, TBS, and Britain’s BBC network. (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, his breakthrough came in with the 2019 Netflix comedy series Sex Education as a role of Steve Morley.

He played the boyfriend of one of the lead roles, Aimee, and portrayed a humble and down-to-earth guy.

However, the fans missed his portrayal as Steve in the recent season after his absence.

Nevertheless, he has been part of various projects in his career, showcasing his versatility.

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