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[SPOILER] Bungo Stray Dogs: Are Fyodor And Chuuya Dead?

Come be part of the exciting fan theories among ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ fans as they explore ideas and exciting guesses about what’s happening in Chapter 101. Are Chuuya and Fyodor dead?

Bungo Stray Dogs‘ is a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Kafka Asagiri (writer) and illustrated by Sango Harukawa.

It follows the adventures of the members of the ‘Armed Detective Agency.’

As they work together to protect Yokohama from various threats, particularly the mafia organization named ‘Port Mafia’. The show features characters with supernatural abilities.

It revolves around the agency members’ efforts to solve mysteries, run a business, and complete the missions assigned by the agency.

[SPOILER] Episode 8 Leaves Fans Wondering: Is Chuuya Dead or Alive

Fans of the popular Anime series are confused about certain things after episode 8 of season 5 of the anime aired.

They desperately want to know whether their favorite characters, Fyodor and Chuuya, are actually dead or not.

Dazai looks down the bridge as Chuuya and Fyodor drowns. (Source:Blog Naver)

Episode 8 of the anime shows Dazai trying to break out of prison and beat Fyodor, his old partner.

He gets help from his friend Ango outside (he calls him an “angel”) and talks to him in a smart way.

Dazai wants to beat Fyodor before they run out of time. Fyodor and Chuyaa, trapped in a room, try to break the wall but Chuuya can’t break special walls.

Here, Dazai and Sigma reach the main control room.

Dazai says he can “stop time” as he explains to Sigma that there’s a prisoner who can freeze time in jail and she helps him by freezing time each morning.

Chuuya Dead
Dazai says he can “stop time.” (Source: Pinimg)

This lets Dazai move around without anyone noticing.

Sigma figures out that Dazai changed the security codes, so Fyodor can’t escape.

Dazai talks to Fyodor and says he’s trapping him and making Chuuya’s powers useless.

Dazai says goodbye as Fyodor and Chuuya sink in the water. Ultimately, it is revealed that it was all part of Dazai’s clever plan.

Dazai and fyodor
Dazai and Chuuya look eye to eye before he drowns. (source: YouTube)

The episode did show Fyodor and Chuuya sinking, but it is still unclear among the fans if they are dead.

One fan wrote a comment on a Reddit post saying,

“But remember, we didn’t see his body, only the hat. Therefore, in the rules of literature and op characters, he isn’t dead and will come back dramatically.”


Fyodor and Chuuya Dead or Alive? Internet Theories Spark Discussion

Like many other manga series, there are many other theories about Bungo Stray Dogs surfacing the internet.

There is one very popular theory that got many upvotes on Reddit. The person mentions that the idea of drowning Fyodor seems too simple.

They think that making Fyodor’s death about Chuuya doesn’t feel right and believe there might be more to the situation than it appears.

Chuuya Dead
Chuuya looks sad before he drowns. (Source: Mangajuice)

The person speculates that Dazai might be using Chuuya as a pawn in a plan. Dazai may be trying to kill Chuuya to release Arahabaki, a being that latched onto Chuuya.

The person talks about two different ways the story could end.

In one, Dazai might use the security system to bring Chuuya back to life. Maybe because vampires have a weakness that Dazai knows about.

In the other ending, Chuuya could use his power and corruption when he’s alone with Fyodor.

Fan Theories: Did Chuuya Escape and Can He Come Back to the Manga Series?

Another fan suggests,

“I was thinking that what Dazai said snapped Chuuya out of his vampire state and he exploded the walls or did some crazy badass shit and broke out and is not dead.”

The fan believes that Nikolai might have been involved in what happened.

Dazai Chuuya
Dazai bids farewell to Chuuya. (Source: Bungostraydog.com)

They think that Dazai could have realized that water can help Chuuya return to normal from his vampire state.

As in Dracula’s story, vampires can’t touch water.

The fan also added, “Chuuya could use his special power, corruption, whether he’s a vampire or not, to escape from where they are now.”

Many of the fans really do not want the characters to be dead.

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