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Who Is Cyrus Dobre Ex Wife Christina Kay? Relationship Timeline

Cyrus Dobre and Christina Kay had a large fanbase as a couple, and even after the separation of Cyrus Dobre and his ex-wife Christina, many are very much into every detail of their relationship, including its timeline.

Cyrus Dobre-Mofid is a very popular YouTuber, singer, and gymnast who saw a rise to fame from the short video-sharing app Vine.

He has a YouTube video with his brothers Lucas and Marcus, which is named ‘Dobre Brothers.’

In the channel, he and his brother post content twice a week mostly vlogs about their daily life.

Not only he and his brothers, but his mother is also familiar with fame and public attention as their mother, Aurelia Dobre, used to be an Olympic gymnast.

Another thing that Cyrus Dobre is popular for is his public relationships, especially with his ex-wife, Christina Kay.

Who Is Cyrus Dobre Ex-Wife, Christina Kay? Their Love Story

Christina Kay is an influencer similar to Cyrus, who was born in the year 1997 on September 20.

She is very active in her influencer career on most social media platforms.

Cyrus and Christina
Cyrus and Christina were the cutest when they were a couple. (Source: Twitter)

However, it was YouTube that truly introduced her to a large-scale audience.

During her relationship with Cyrus, she used to have a different YouTube channel with him with the name ‘Cyrus and Christina.’

On the YouTube channel, she and Cyrus usually share glimpses of their life with all the fun and lovely moments.

Everyone admired their relationship, and they started getting even more attention together than they used to get before.

Christina and Cyrus’s YouTube channel became a hit, and it was starting to cross the shocking number of 2.9 million subscribers.

The two love birds first met each other in 2017 and immediately found a very strong connection with each other.

In the year 2018, Christina and Cyrus tied the knot, taking vows of forever staying with each other as husband and wife.

Cyrus Dobre Ex Wife
Many still believe that the couple Cyrus and Christina may get back together. (Source: Twitter)

The relationship was extremely strong, and they also had their couple hashtag, #Cyrina.

Their fans got to be a part of their lives through their daily vlogs and other videos.

The two even did a music video together, which has the title Me and You, which was released in 2019.

People were so much in love with the music video that it was able to cross over 31 million views.

Cyrus And Christina Fairy Tale Came To An End In 2020

The almost fairytale-like relationship had to come to an end, leaving everyone in shock.

In the year 2020, April Cyrus and Christina made a post on their joint channel. There, they announced their separation.

The video starts with Christina’s statements, “Cyrus and I have broke up.”

This made it clear that they still had a deep respect for each other.

Cyrus, in the video, made another important statement, saying that the relationship has come to an end on good terms.

Christina and Cyrus
Christina does not like when people talk ill about her past relationship with Cyrus Dobre. (Source: Twitter)

He made a clarification defending Christina Kay against a rumor that has been surfacing on the internet.

Cyrus Dobre says among his fans that his soon-to-be ex-wife is not a ‘gold digger.’

After the end of the relationship, many of their fans have different opinions.

Some want and hope for the couple to be back, and some say it is for the better.

Many are supporting ex-wife Christina, saying that Cyrus Dobre was selfish and he took the decision without any proper thinking.

Whatever the cause or the reason for the breakup might be, we need to respect both parties.

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