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Is Ben Rhodes Jewish? Truth In Podcast Pod Save The World

Ben Rhodes is facing controversy, as critics and allegations of anti-Semitism are rising following the podcast’s publication of remarks on Jewish diversity, Israel, and related topics.

Ben Rhodes is a former American national security adviser and a close friend to President Obama.

He played a key role in shaping the Obama administration’s foreign policy, particularly in areas such as the Iran Nuclear Deal and the normalization of relations with Cuba.

Meanwhile, after leaving the White House, Rhodes became a prominent commentator and author, sharing insights on global politics.

Ben Rhodes also played a crucial role in reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba.

In the meantime, in 2018, he co-founded National Security Action, an NGO focused on national security issues.

However, Ben Rhodes became the talk of the town with his remarks, particularly on Jewish diversity, Israel, and the role of Christianity.

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Ben Rhodes Wikipedia: Let’s Dig Into His Life

Ben Rhodes was born in New York, USA on November 14, 1977.

Meanwhile, Ben Rhodes represents a multicultural heritage, with his father coming from the Episcopal tradition in Texas and his mother from a Jewish background in New York.

Likewise, Ben Rhodes was raised alongside his brother David Rhodes, who served as the president of CBS News.

His education journey included graduating from the Collegiate School in 1996, earning his undergraduate degree at Rice University, and achieving Phi Beta Kappa recognition.

Later, he obtained a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing from New York University in 2002.

Meanwhile, Ben Rhodes is happily married to Ann Norris, who used to be the main foreign policy adviser for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. They also have two daughters.

Ben Rodes's selfie
Controversy surrounds Ben Rhodes after the podcast. (Source: Instagram)

However, Ben Rhodes usually keeps details about his family’s private life away from the public.

Moving forward, he began his career by volunteering with Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaign and subsequently worked on the New York City Council campaign.

Subsequently, in 2007, he joined the Obama presidential campaign as a speechwriter, crafting notable speeches such as A New Beginning.

Furthermore, Ben Rhodes played a key role during the 2011 Arab Spring and supported Israel in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

However, after leaving the Obama administration, he became a political commentator, contributing to Crooked Media, NBC News, and MSNBC.

Currently, he co-hosts the podcast Pod Save the World, but during a podcast with Peter Beinart, he faced controversy with accusations of Jew-hating.

After the controversy surrounding Ben Rhodes, many of his supporters want to know whether he is Jewish or not.

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Is Ben Rhodes Jewish? Controversy Rising Around Pod Save The World

Looking back at his heritage and ancestral roots, we can say that Ben Rhodes is half-Jewish by birth.

However, despite his religion, people accused him of being an anti-Semite and labeled him as a Jew-hater.

It all started after his podcast with Peter Beinart, where he discussed Jewish diversity and the influence of Christianity in politics.

Meanwhile, he clarified that his statements aimed to dismantle stereotypes and emphasize the diversity within the Jewish community.

Pod Save The World group photo
Ben Rhodes is a former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the statement, the podcast remarks swiftly cause a public backlash, raising concerns about insensitivity and reinforcing harmful stereotypes.

Nevertheless, critics misinterpreted when he mentioned pro-Likud media in the United States as an alleged attack on Israel.

However, in response to the controversy, he clarified that he did not intend to promote anti-Semitism and expressed regret if others had misconstrued his remarks.

As time passed, the issue probably became less of a big deal.

This could be because people kept talking about it or because more people began to understand the situation better.

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