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Jeff Wittek Exposed Natalie Noel In Twitter: 8 Passengers Update

The latest headlines of Jeff Wittek exposing Natalie Noel have left fans hungry for more information about Jeff Wittek And Natalie Noel.

American YouTuber Jeff Wittek, born December 15, 1989, hails from Staten Island, New York City.

In contrast, renowned American model and social media personality Natalie Noel was born on December 1, 1996, in Lake Forest, IL.

She gained fame through collaborations with YouTuber David Dobrik, boasting a substantial Instagram following of 3.2 million.

Jeff’s recent post on Twitter has exposed Natalie’s DMs and other things.

And now fans eagerly await revelations about the conversation between Jeff Wittek and Natalie Noel.

The Tweet Of Jeff Wittek That Exposed Natalie Noel On Twitter?

On September 16, 2023, Jeff Wittek stirred controversy with cryptic tweets hinting at behind-the-scenes revelations.

The content remains uncertain due to low-quality video.

These tweets triggered a legal showdown with David Dobrik, temporarily hushing both parties.

Back in 2020, Jeff filed a $10 million lawsuit against David, citing injuries sustained during a collaborative stunt.

Jeff Witek recovered after his ninth surgery and sue David.
Jeff Witek’s injury that he shared on his Twitter account from the stunt together with David. (Source: Twitter)

In June 2020, David orchestrated a dangerous stunt, fastening Jeff to an excavator and spinning it recklessly.

This left Jeff with severe injuries, including fractured skulls, facial fractures, and eye damage.

After enduring nine surgeries and eventually recovering, the near-fatal incident haunted Jeff as one of his worst experiences.

He resorted to a legal lawsuit against David due to the latter’s negligence during his surgeries.

Their legal battle continued until 2023, when Jeff tweeted and shared text message videos on his YouTube channel, shedding light on the situation.

The video that Jeff Witek shared about his friends and exposed Natalie & David.
The video that Jeff Witek shared on his podcast said I had good people around me who saw this BS.

In a recent podcast on JEFF FM with Trisha Paytas (Episode 109). 

They discussed revealing DMs from Natalie and hinted at editing a video to showcase behind-the-scenes content.

Notably, these messages revealed that Natalie was aware of Jeff’s surgery. His casual comment about “Can we come” seemed to be in jest.

Furthermore, he disclosed that David did not want him to create a documentary.

Also, what sets this apart is the release of receipts and text message videos, which has sparked curiosity about the future developments in Jeff Wittek and Natalie Noel’s story.

On the other hand, netizens are more curious to know about the 8 passengers. 

What Is The Update Of 8-Passenger?

The update of the 8-passenger is related to the name Ruby Franke the parenting influencer. And it has nothing to do with Jeff Wittek And Natalie Noel’s case. 

Ruby is the mother of the family channel named 8 Passenger, who got arrested along with her business partner Jod Hildebrand. 

Those two were arrested for the six counts of aggravated child abuse on August 31st, 2023, in Southern Utah.

Ruby Franke who is charged with child abuse and was arrested on Aug 30, 2023.
The influencer Ruby Franke is officially charged with 6 counts of Felony Child abuse. (Source: Instagram)

She has been in custody since then, and she attended prior hearings in the case remotely.

But she was transported from Washington County to Utah County to attend in person. This case had gone through a lot of hearings.

On Oct 17, 2023, in the Fourth District Court, after two hours of hearing, Ruby Frankie declined to comment as she walked by.

Further, the court judge also closed the public site for intense coverage and to protect the privacy of the four minor Frankie children. 

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