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Shoko Heals Gojos Body?! JJK Chapter 249 Spoilers, Leaks Reddit

The upcoming chapter 249 of JJK hints at the return of our favorite character, Gojo. Sukuna did hint to us about Ui Ui taking Gojo to Shoko and she may be healing him. Let’s explore.

Jujutsu Kaisen is at its peak right now; not only Sukuna but all the other characters against him are getting stronger.

In chapter 248 of the manga series, various revelations were made from Yuji, Sukuna, and other characters like Ui Ui and Kenjaku.

However, some fans are confused, about whether those were just Sukuna’s thoughts.

In one part of chapter 248 of JJK, Sukuna realizes that Ui Ui may be responsible for the disappearance of Gojo’s body.

He also thinks to himself if Ui Ui took the body of both Gojo and Higurumua to Shoko to heal them.

This has made many fans speculate that in the upcoming chapter 249 of JJK, we may see the comeback of Gojo.

Is Gojo Making a Comeback in Chapter 249?

While it has been a long time since Gojo has been gone from the JJK manga series, fans always had hope for his re-entry.

It is because Gojo was one of the main protagonists of the show.

Gojo in JJk
Gojo is still one of the very best characters of JJK and there is hardly anyone comparable to him. (Source: Twitter)

He was a special-grade sorcerer and also regarded as the ‘strongest in the world.’

Gojo was also the first person ever to get the limitless and the six eyes in four hundred years.

He won many hearts with his dedication toward the students he trained to become future allies.

So, his death left a big mark on JJK fans, everyone has been waiting for him to come back one way or another.

This is why the slight hint in chapter 248 created a lot of buzz on the internet about whether Gojo will be there in chapter 249 of JJK.

The hint came from none other than the evil villain of the show, Sukuna.

In the last chapter, Sukuna sees Ui Ui taking Higuruma’s body after his death.

He then starts assuming that Ui Ui has the instant teleportation CT.

Ui Ui taking Higurama's body
Ui Ui’s appearance in the last chapter left everyone speculating much about the upcoming chapter 249 of JJK. (Source: Twitter)

He confirms within himself that she was the one responsible for the disappearance of Gojo’s Body as well.

Sukuna continues to speculate whether Ui Ui is taking the bodies to Shoko who knows some healing techniques.

This makes fans wonder if it was a hint from Gege for them about the upcoming chapter.

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Chapter 249 Speculation Abounds: Will Shoko Heal Gojo?

The various discussion pages of Twitter and Reddit discuss that they will see Shoko healing Gojo in chapter 249 of JJK.

However, we can never be sure of it as it is all based on Sukuna’s thoughts.

There have been instances in the past when Sukuna has been wrong.

JJK Chapter 249 sukuna demon form
Sukuna and Gojo had a very intense battle which led to Gojo’s death, but some sources say that Gojo may return. (Source: Twitter)

In one of the previous chapters, Sukuna thought that a binding vow was boosting hallow purple.

Later, it turns out that Utahime was boosting Gojo, and so were Ijichi and Gakuganji.

He was very wrong in thinking otherwise which did affect his chances to win at that time.

So, he may also be very wrong about his speculations about Ui Ui taking the bodies to Shoko.

We will only get to know after chapter 249 of JJK officially releases.

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