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Katrina Campins Wikipedia, Age: FOX News Real Estate Broker

An accomplished real estate broker, Katrina Campins has started making headlines as she is getting closer to $1 billion in real estate sales. Now, people have started seeking the Wikipedia page of Katrina Campins.

Katrina Campins is a famous media face and public figure, mostly recognized as a renowned realtor.

She is a television presenter, entrepreneur, internet personality, and a popular media face.

Further, she has been a part of different firms and is currently working for the popular Fox News Channel.

Nevertheless, with her increasing popularity among the people, the Wikipedia page of Katrina Campins is searched all over the internet.

Katrina Campins Wikipedia: Early Life And Family

Despite being a famous personality and a realtor, Wikipedia has not yet dedicated a page to Katrina Campins, but this article provides a preview of her life.

Katrina was born on October 22, 1979, in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America.

Raised in a well-settled family, Katrina’s father used to work at a private company and is currently a well-settled businessman.

Meanwhile, Katrina’s mother, Sofia Campins, was also a host of the television show Hot Listings Miami.

Katrina clicked during a live TV broadcast.
Katrina has been an intelligent woman since her childhood.

Moreover, she also has a sister, Camille Campins Adam, who works as a TV host and leads a happy life with her family.

However, a turn of events occurred when her parents divorced, and she and her sister had to live with her mother separately. 

Yet, despite her parents’ separation, Katrina is close to her father.

Now, talking about her academic endeavors, Katrina is a well-educated woman who attended Trinity School for her schooling.

Later, she completed her Bachelor’s in International Finance and Marketing in 2001 from the University of Miami Herbert Business School.

She also learned dance from a dance academy in the United States. 

Moreover, Katrina was a brilliant and hard-working student who passed with a 4.0 grade. 

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Katrina Campins Husband And Relationship

As a famous personality, Katrina Campins’s life is not hidden from the public.

She began dating Ben Moss after graduation and tied the knot with him on August 14, 2004.

Katrina carrying her son wearing a blue jacket.
Katrina is a single parent and seems to be a pretty great mother. (Source: Instagram)

They also had a son together named Pharaoh Campins Moses but eventually got divorced due to some personal reasons.

Later, Katrina married Mustafa Marzuk, a famous actor, in 2013, but as per some sources, they also separated.

So, currently, Katrina is a single mother of an adorable son and seems to love spending time with him.

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Details About Katrina Campin’s Career And Net Worth

Katrina Campins entered the real estate business during her Bachelor’s degree program after getting her real estate license at 18.

After completing her degree, she started working as a full-time real estate agent and shared her first property flip, earning her a six-figure commission check.

Further, in January 2003, Katrina joined NBC Universal International Television Distribution and worked in the first season.

Katrina Campins sitting in a couch wearing a white dress.
Katrina is close to $1 billion in real estate sales. (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, in 2004, she began her own company, The Campins Company, and has worked as a Luxury Estate Specialist since then.

Additionally, she joined the Fox News Media in 2004 as a real estate and economic contributor. 

Moreover, she also worked for Donald Trump’s campaign in New York City from January 2016 to November 2016.

She was also the executive producer of Hot Listing Miami and has appeared on various TV shows like Jessie Watters Primetime, Manson Global, and Outnumbered.

As for her net worth, Katrina Campins has different sources of income,e including real estate, business, television appearances, commissions, and others.

With multiple sources contributing to her bank accounts, Katrina is estimated to have a net worth of $3 billion.

Katrina Campins playing cards in a light golden dress.
Katrina has been part of various TV shows and continues to work with Fox News. (Source: Instagram)

With the financial worth of a billion dollars, Katrina is rich and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Katrina has had her share of struggles and joys on her path to success and a well-deserved lifestyle.

And let’s hope Wikipedia will soon recognize Katrina Campins and dedicate her well-deserved page.

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