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Kimberly Sustad Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is To All A Good Night Actress?

Apart from roles in TV, she has graced the silver screen with her appearances in movies like A Christmas Coincidence and The Nine Lives of Christmas. However, despite her work, Kimberly Sustad does not have a dedicated page on Wikipedia.

She is famous for her roles in notable TV projects like Travelers, Unspeakable, and The Twilight Zone.

Kimberly has appeared in successful TV projects such as Continuum and Super Natural.

Live Henry Live, released in 2010, is a movie about a man’s head injury and his mental and physical recovery journey. It was Sustad’s first short film and career debut.

Her most notable work was Spooksville, a television series released in 2013 that helped Kimberly rise to fame.

Before doing movies, Kimberly was part of Broadway shows and short films and worked in Seattle theatres.

In addition, she is also a writer and has written movies like Christmas by Starlight, released in 2020.

With the latest role in the movie To All A Good Night, all eyes are on Kimberley Sustad, often misspelled as Kimberly and her Wikipedia page.

Kimberly Sustad Wikipedia: Early Life Of To All A Good Night Actress

Kimberly was born on May 27, 1980, in Ontario, Canada; she is currently 43.

She spent most of her childhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada’s southeastern capital at the border of Quebec, where she lived with her family of four.

Her family consisted of her father, Graham Starmer, mother, Sylvia Starmer, and sister.

She completed her Bachelor’s in acting from Trinity Western University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kimberly Sustad Wikipedia with her co-actor.
Kimberly has also worked in ‘The Cheesecake Factory’ early on in her career. (Source: Instagram)

During her graduation days, she continued looking for work and opportunities.

Therefore, she attended various acting training centers, auditions, and workshops and searched for other acting opportunities.

Her early career mostly involved working in theatre productions, where she performed in Lewis Black’s play with Joe Grifasi, R. Hamilton Wright, Marianne Owen, and Kirsten Potter.

Growing up, Kimberly was a Tomboy; she used to hang out with boys more than girls.

Furthermore, Kimberly was a sportswoman. During her youth, she played sports like snowboarding, horseback riding, rock climbing, boxing, and range shooting.

Kimberly has also worked with Paul Campbell in Hallmark Channel’s 2020 movie Wedding Every Weekend, the first movie in the channel’s history to feature a lesbian wedding.

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Personal Life And Children Of Kimberly Sustad

Kimberly married Scot Sustad, a co-founder and CEO of a digital agency called Arrival Store and the CEO of the Digital Hot Sauce website development agency.

The couple first met way before they had a successful career.

Kimberly and Scot were high school and university mates and studied together at Trinity Western University in Langley Township.

Kimberly sSustad poster with her co-actors for North to home.
She has also worked on a crime-solving shoe called Motive. (Source: Instagram)

The couple dated for five years before marrying in 2004 and welcomed two twin daughters, Vienna Wild Jolen and Ari Royal Sustad.

Nowadays, Kimberly is focused on her acting career and her young daughters. She spends time outdoors and traveling with her family.

The family lives in Vancouver and even has a dog named Tucker.

She enjoys traveling in natural locations and often walks with her daughter at a park close to her house.

Kimberly with four other team members for the Unspeakable tv
During her career, she has worked in series like The Romeo Section, Past Malice, and Supernatural. (Source: Instagram)

Kimberly is also active on social media and has more than 100k followers on Instagram and more than 7k followers on Twitter.

Her extensive acting career and experience exemplify hard work and dedication towards her passion.

So, Kimberly Sustad deserves a page on Wikipedia as soon as possible.

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