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Is Valentino Rossi The Law In Live Action? Rumors and Speculations

Since the first season of the One Piece series did well, fans have been guessing about who might be Law in live action.

Some folks think Valentino Rossi would be a great fit for the role based on looks and personality.

Valentino Rossi was born on 16 February 1979 in Urbino, Italy.

He is an Italian ex-motorcycle racer who won nine World Championships in motorcycle racing.

Many people think he’s one of the best motorcycle racers ever, with number 46 on his bike throughout his career.

Additionally, he is special because he raced in over 400 Grands Prix.

Even after he stopped racing in 2021, he has many awards and records that nobody has beaten yet.

People really like him and notice that his life is a bit like the Law character from One Piece. That’s why they think he could be a good fit to play Law in the live-action version of the show.

Who Is The Law In Live Action Of One Piece?

Fans are really looking forward to seeing Trafalgar Law in the live-action One Piece series.

Trafalgar Law, who is often called “Law, The Surgeon of Death,” is a pirate from North Blue.

He leads a crew called the Heart Pirates. Although ruthless, he doesn’t like the idea of killing people for no good reason.

Moreover, Law is much like Tony Tony Chopper from the Strawhat Pirates because he has a special fruit power called Ope Ope no Mi.

Law has a carefree demeanor which Rossi may portray in Live Action
Law has a carefree demeanor, which Rossi may portray in Live Action (Source: Twitter)

Law gained a bounty of 3,000,000,000, making him one of the most dangerous pirates in the world.

This made him an important character since his bounty is as high as Monkey D. Luffy.

Meanwhile, there has been a rumor that the character The Law was inspired by Valentino Rossi.

Afterward, people started talking about the idea of Valentino Rossi playing Law in the live-action One Piece.

They didn’t just see similarities in the characters’ personalities but also in how they looked.

People on websites and Reddit who love One Piece even said they’d like to see Rossi as Law in a live action version.

Is Valentino Rossi Law Live Action?

The Netflix series has only covered the first 45 episodes of the One Piece Anime, at just 8 episodes.

But in the manga and anime, Law doesn’t show up until much later, in chapter 498 of the manga and episode 392 of the anime.

So, there’s plenty of time for his character to appear in the live-action version.

Since the made-up pirate Law and the real motorbike racer Rossi are so similar, people are talking about him playing Law in live action.

Even though it’s not confirmed, there are many things in common between the two.

Rumored Law in Live-Action, Valentino Rossi in race with blue bike numbered 46.
As he mastered the art of road racing, Italians named Rossi The Doctor of the highest rank. (Source: Pixabay)

Moreover, Law’s face shape, dark hair, and sideburns look a bit like Rossi’s.

Another interesting thing is that Law is called the Surgeon of Death, while Rossi is known as The Doctor.

Law is a pretty famous character in his world, and Rossi is considered one of the greatest motorcycle racers ever.

But fans mostly think they look alike, not that their personalities don’t match.

Law is often seen as cynical, bitter, and traumatized.

On the other hand, people see Rossi as a happy and cheerful person, so they might not have similar personalities.

However, regarding predictions, the fans have been able to make the right guess most of the time.

So, until there’s an official announcement, let’s wait and see how the casting turns out.

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