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Lindsey Graham Wife: US Senator Partner & Dating History

People are curious to know the wife and children of the 68-year-old politician Lindsey Graham and keep searching for their details online. So, Does Lindsey Graham have a wife? Let’s find out!

Lindsey Olin Graham is a well-known American lawyer and politician.

He has been serving as the senior United States senator from South Carolina since 2003.

Lindsey Graham is actively engaging in a fierce battle to retain his South Carolina Senate seat.

Despite recently pulling ahead of his Democratic opponent, Lindsey’s victory remains uncertain.

Moreover, Lindsey Graham’s long-standing political involvement has made the public pay significant attention to his personal life.

While Lindsey Graham enjoys wide recognition for his extensive political career, ongoing interest persists in his personal life, particularly his marital status.

People have been eager to learn more about the wife of Lindsey Graham and his dating history.

Does Lindsey Graham Have A Wife? Politician Dating History

The marital status of politician Lindsey Graham has recently become everyone’s curiosity as his fans wonder if he has a wife.

Well, the truth is Lindsey Graham has not married throughout his life.

Further, he has chosen to remain unmarried despite nearing marriage at one point.

In his autobiography, the Republican presidential candidate and longtime bachelor reveals his encounters with matrimony and explains why he never tied the knot.

US Senator Lindsey Graham Captured smiling.
Lindsey Graham had multiple girlfriends in the past (Source: The New York Post)

During law school, he had a girlfriend named Debbie. Moreover, he had two more girlfriends while serving in the Air Force in Germany.

According to Politico, they included a JAG officer named Carol, who later served on Colin Powell’s staff, and a Lufthansa flight attendant named Sylvia.

Lindsey claimed he nearly married a flight attendant named Sylvia, whom he met in his late 20s, but the relationship didn’t last, according to Herald Online.

After nearly marrying the flight attendant, he revealed no other relationship details.

In recent times, his singularity has sparked several speculations about his sexuality. Several sources have insinuated that Lindsey Graham is gay.

Lindsey speaking in mic while doing hand gestures.
Lindsey said there wasn’t anything disqualifying about being single (Source: The Sun)

After a Republican primary opponent branded him “ambiguously gay,” Lindsey, known as a moderate opponent of LGBT rights, denied rumors about his sexuality.

Likewise, he maintained that he is straight and has dated multiple ladies.

Lindsey Graham’s decision to remain unmarried has prompted questions about why he is unmarried and does not have a wife to date.

He has openly discussed the reasons why he hasn’t been married to date.

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Reasons For Lindsey Graham’s Unmarried Status

In previous campaigns, the Seneca Republican has faced questions about his unmarried status.

Lindsey Graham’s bachelorhood is garnering him a lot of national media attention.

When a reporter asked why he never married, Graham answered:

It’s something I don’t know the answer to, other than I think it’s OK. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with not being married. Having a marriage and a good family and children is a blessing. But I don’t think I’m a defective person by any means.”

Lindsey Graham clapping and laughing
Lindsey Graham explained he hasn’t been lucky with marriage opportunities (Source: Facebook)

He also mentioned that the opportunity never presented itself at the right time.

Also, he never found time to meet the right girl, as he was always busy with political work.

When asked who would be his First Lady if he became president, he responded that he had a sister who could play that role.

He also added that he has many friends and would be rotating the first lady.

It is worth mentioning that Graham’s status as the only unmarried senator in his class doesn’t bother him.

James Buchanan was the only president to remain single at this age.

Moreover, despite being a prominent public figure, Lindsey values privacy regarding his romantic life.

However, Lindsey Graham has been more open about his close relationships with family and friends as he doesn’t have a wife.

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