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Liz Golyar Kids: Son Cody Golyar Was Also Killed By His Mother?

With the release of the recent Netflix documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer, based on a true story, viewers are curious about the personal life of Liz Golyar, who was involved in the incident, and her family and kids.

Liz Golyar is a woman from Omaha, Nebraska, currently serving a life sentence for her past crimes.

She gained nationwide attention after her involvement in the murder of her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend.

Additionally, she was also the major suspect in the death of her 5-month-old son, Cody Golyar.

Meanwhile, with the recent release of a Netflix documentary presenting the story of the incident, Liz Goylar has turned out to be a major topic all over the internet.

As a result, many are interested in the personal life of Liz Goylar including her kids and relationships.

Liz Golyar Kids: Son Cody Golyar Was Also Killed By His Mother?

As the viewership of the documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer continues to increase, people have shown curiosity about the accused’s life.

This has further aroused people’s interest in the relationships and kids of Liz Golyar, and they are eagerly searching the internet for further details.

Liz Goylar, born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is a mother of three kids, including the late Cody Golyar.

Cody Golyar was the youngest son of Liz, who died at an infant age of 5 months due to a brain hemorrhage in 1999.

Liz Golyar captured with Dave.
Liz Golyar is a mother of three kids, one of which was Cody. (Source: Facebook)

This uncertain death of Cody further led to a full-fledged investigation, resulting in the arrest of her then-boyfriend, Glenn Herr.

However, despite her notoriety in the international media, further details about her other kids and family members remain private.

Meanwhile, neither Liz nor the authorities have disclosed anything about her personal life to the public.

Due to this lack of disclosure, people are confused about Liz’s details.

However, according to some sources, apart from Cody, Liz is a mother of a young son and a daughter who lives a private life with her other family members.

Moreover, as of now, Liz Golyar is in prison for her crime, and her family continues to avoid the media to live a better life.

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More About Liz Golyar’s Personal Life And The Incident

Liz Golyar was a man-hungry party girl who eventually ended up in prison for a mysterious murder in 2012. 

All of this started in early 2012 when Liz began dating a 35-year-old single father known as Dan Kroupa.

During that time, Dan had just moved to the Omaha area and instantly found Liz attractive.

Screenshot of Lover, Stalker and Killer.
The 2024 Netflix documentary presents the real-life stories of Liz, Dan, and Cari. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Dan was never looking for a serious relationship and was only trying to have fun without any commitments.

However, Liz thought more about her relationship and fell in love with Dan.

This further led to a horrifying crime that shocked everyone in the community.

Dan, who initially enjoyed spending time with Liz, later met a 37-year-old lady named Cari Lea Farver and fell in love with her.

And then Dan’s love triangle started. He began seeing both Liz and Cari while making his preference for Cari clear.

Following this, Liz started stalking and threatening Cari over her telephone and social media accounts.

Further, in November 2012, Cari started sending strange messages to Dan, stating she never wanted to see him again.

In the meantime, Liz also claimed to receive harassing messages from and accused Cari of shooting her.

LIz and her husband captured in a single frame.
Liz’s jealousy, unfortunately, resulted in the death of Cori. (Source: Instagram)

However, upon further investigation, police couldn’t find the shooter and started suspecting Liz instead.

Cari also vanished from the country, leading to further suspicion against Liz.

Further, upon investigation in 2017, the police found Liz guilty of her murder.

Later, the authorities charged her with first-degree murder, leading to life imprisonment.

Also, the true story was so devastating that Netflix made a series, Lover, Stalker, Killer, covering the entire story.

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