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Prince McCree Parents: Mother Jordan Barger And Father

The world sometimes does not appear to be as simple as it looks, and Prince McCree’s case proves it right. The parents of Prince McCree are filled with grief after his death. Let’s get to know the details of the horrific event.

Prince McCree is the unfortunate 5 year old that lost his life in a very tragic and horrific way.

He was just a normal naive kid who was just trying to play games on the computer in his own home when two adults took his life.

Before the revelation of his death, it was assumed that he could have been kidnapped, but the reality was even more horrific.

The parents of Prince McCree are now grieving their young child and demand justice.

Milwaukee Parents Mourn the Loss of 5-Year-Old Prince McCree, Found In Dumpster

The devastating event has left the Milwaukee mother and father in a loss that no one can fill.

What is even more disturbing is that the body of their 5-year-old boy was found in a dumpster in a very bad condition.

Prince McCree Parents
Prince McCree Parents want justice for their little kid. (Source: Twitter)

We can hardly imagine how the parents of Prince McCree would have felt at the moment.

The last time Prince McCree parents saw him was on the 25th of October, 2023.

His mother, Jordan Barger, recalls falling asleep due to tiredness while Prince was lying around, and that was the last memory she had of him.

Prince was a naive kid and did not know that the monsters were there in his own house.

He went down to his basement to play some video games.

Jordan woke up at 1 p.m. only to find her son missing, and she immediately went to the police.

Prince McCree parents were just wishing that he must have gone somewhere to prank them or this was all just a dream.

But the truth was devastating, and it was slowly becoming clear to them.

Killer of Prince McCree
What this case also reflects on is not trusting anyone easily. (Source: Twitter)

Police, with very little clue of the suspect and vehicle description, were not able to do an amber alert.

The search for 5-year-old Prince McCree had now begun, but it was extremely painful for his parents.

Sadly, the search came to an end, but very tragically, Prince’s body was found near his home in a dumpster.

Everyone in the community is now in shock and disbelief at what has taken place.

What was to come next would shock the community even more.

Horrific Confessions Emerge As 5-Year-Old Prince’s Home Becomes a Crime Scene

The investigation led the police to Prince’s own home, where two other people lived.

15-year-old Erick Mendoza and 27-year-old David Pietura were now in the middle of the investigation.

The investigation was able to bring out some very horrific details about what actually took place.

According to the police reports, Erick made a confession of walking into David and choking the 5-year-old Prince until he became silent.

This was the moment both Erick and David came together to work for a very dark motive.

David then asked Erick to help him clean everything up and hide the crime.

Eric mendoza
Questions are arising about how a teenager can take part in such a heinous crime. (Source: Twitter)

David made other confessions that during the efforts of trying to put Prince’s body in garbage bags, there were times when he would gain consciousness.

But the ad part is instead of trying to help Prince, they hit him in the head to kill him.

Not only that, Erick and David also hit him with a golf club and a birdbath.

They also made confessions of repeatedly stomping on Prince’s head.

The details of this case have sent shockwaves throughout the nation, and David and Erick are to appear in court this week.

This heart-wrenching event has truly broken Prince McCree parents.

His father says that he will never be the same again and that the two men have destroyed their family and broken him and his wife.

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