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Who Are William Riley Gaul Parents? StepFather Benjamin Donilon

After the college freshman William Riley Gaul got his sentence following the murder of his girlfriend, netizens rushed to find details on the convict, including his parents. So, who are they? Let’s explore more.

The case of William Riley Gaul remains one of the twisted cases in the history of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Gaul is a 19-year-old college freshman who threatened and eventually murdered his girlfriend, Emma Walker.

The pair seemed to be living perfectly, but their relationship changed.

Initially, Walker was proud to call Gaul her boyfriend before discovering his controlling nature.

Moreover, the case received much media attention due to its tragic nature and the plotting carried out by Gaul.

Now, many look for the parents of William Riley Gaul to learn more about his upbringing and motives for the horrifying murder.

Who Are William Riley Gaul Parents? Step Father Benjamin Seth Donilon

Due to the critical nature of the case, the parents of William Riley Gaul have maintained their privacy.

Further, Gaul’s stepfather, Benjamin Seth Donilon, was the only family member who appeared in court hearings.

Apart from that, the names of the biological parents of William Riley Gaul remain unknown to the public.

Likewise, the divorce of his parents at a young age affected William Riley Gaul, shaping his introverted personality.

Riley Gaul with his girlfriend
Gaul killed his partner over a simple fight. (Source: Twitter)

However, his mother married Donilon in his junior year of high school, but the bond didn’t last long.

Meanwhile, Donilon revealed that he had maintained contact with Gaul even after a split with his mother.

Additionally, the convict lived with his stepfather until he eventually moved to his grandparent’s house.

Donilon tried to connect with the teen through text messages and often arranged a weekend meeting.

Further, Gaul kept a key to his stepfather’s house and could always come and go as he wished.

After investigations proceeded for his girlfriend’s murder, Gaul’s mother aided the authorities to bring justice.

Riley Gaul infront of Christmas tree
Gaul often showcases anger and obsessive issues. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, his mother stated that she had searched the teen’s dormitory in hopes of finding the murder weapon.

During the court hearing, Donilon claimed that Gaul had a turbulent relationship with his girlfriend.

Similarly, the pair would often get into fights and arguments, resulting in frequent breakups.

However, after a messy fight on November 21, 2016, Gaul decided to take action and killed his longtime partner.

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William Riley Gaul’s Sentence For Murder: Where Is The Convict?

According to police reports, Gaul had carefully planned the murder of his girlfriend, Emma Walker, after stealing his grandfather’s gun.

The teen, armed with a 9mm pistol, stood outside his partner’s home and fired two gunshots into the corner.

Further, one of the shots struck Walker in the head as it landed at the exact spot where her bed was.

Riley Gaul smiling with Emma Walker
Walker was the cheerleader for Gaul’s sports team. (Source: Twitter)

Previously, the pair had undergone serious trouble in their relationship while Gaul attempted to reconcile his bond.

Before the murder, Gaul texted Walker, pretending to be his kidnapper before arriving at a slumber party.

Moreover, Walker reported an individual dressed in black attempting to break into her home the night before her murder.

Shortly after the shooting, authorities took in Gaul for questioning, where he maintained his innocence.

However, the teen was later arrested while disposing of a gun, a bag of black clothes, and surgical gloves.

Likewise, Gaul was charged in a seven-count presentment with first-degree murder along with charges of abuse, stalking, and theft of property.

Riley with his girlfriend at school
Gaul’s stepfather testified against his actions. (Source: Twitter)

Before the trial, the convict claimed that he was in Maryville and created the story of his kidnapping to get Walker’s attention.

As the investigations intensified, many of Walker’s friends noted the toxic and abusive behavior of Gaul.

Later, in 2018, the court decided a life sentence for Gaul with the possibility of parole after 51 years in prison.

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