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Is Savannah Chrisley Pregnant? Robert Shiver Can be Baby Father

The actress Savannah Chrisley, well-known as a reality TV star, is receiving attention from fans as some are saying that she might be pregnant with a baby well on the way.

Savannah Chrisley, born on August 11, 1997, is best known for her role on the family reality series Chrisley Knows Best.

She graduated from Belmont University and has gained stardom and amassed an immense social media following.

Meanwhile, Savannah consistently impresses her online followers with her fashion choices and strong religious beliefs.

Now, she is working for H.S.N to create her sportswear fashion line. Additionally, she has also won beauty pageants, so he has quite a few accomplishments under her belt.

However, recently, some of her fans have started speculating that Savannah Chrisley might be pregnant.

Is Savannah Chrisley Pregnant Or Just A Rumor?

Fans believe that Savannah Chrisley is pregnant and looking to have a baby. But is that really the truth?

It’s unsure how the rumor started, but it may have gotten steam from a few misunderstood pictures.

There are full baby images as well as her holding a newborn, so it’s understandable that there would be many who would think that she might have had a baby or that Savannah Chrisley might be pregnant.

savannah friend's baby
Many have confused this baby for being Savannah’s baby. (Source: Instagram)

However, that child doesn’t seem to be hers. It’s actually the daughter of one of her close friends, Rae Lynn, named Daisy.

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to have a baby of her own.

She had captioned one of her posts,

BABY FEVER = FULL FORCE. I just can’t take it!!

 And it’s clear just from the comments that many of her fans also want to see her baby.

However, this isn’t the first time that such rumors of Savannah Chrisley being pregnant went around the internet.

On Feb 25, 2021, she shared a black and white picture with the caption, “I try to stay buttoned up … but it’s about to ‘pop off’.

It was accompanied by her long-sleeved black shirt and jean shorts sitting on the ground.

This naturally led many fans to think that she might be pregnant, with many hinting at such a thing in the comment section.

Savannah Chrisley with her little sister
Savannah Chrisley gained custody of her brother Grayson and young niece Chloe. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, Savannah hasn’t really addressed the rumor.

Also, there are several videos claiming that she is pregnant, but that seems to be just false information.

From the looks of it, Savannah isn’t actually pregnant.

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Claim Of Robert Shiver Being Savannah Chrisley’s Baby Father

It is reported that Savannah Chrisley is now dating the former football player Robert Shiver, who has served at Senior Life Insurance as the senior vice president since 2009.

Before his job at the insurance company, he was a football player at Auburn University.

He began as a walk-on and then received a three-year scholarship for the Auburn Tigers, becoming the team captain in his senior year.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, Savannah Chrisley isn’t pregnant, so the claims of Robert Shiver being the father are also refutable.

But if she does get pregnant in the future, then it’s likely that Robert would be the father since they are in a relationship together.

Savannah Chrisley with father
Savannah Chrisley’s father was arrested for financial crimes. (Source: Instagram)

As for relationship timeline, this new romance came 3 years after Savannah’s breakup with ex-fiancé Nic Kerdiles in 2020, following their two-year engagement.

Savannah had addressed the split at the time, expressing her feelings and explaining their decision to end the relationship.

Meanwhile, Robert Shiver has been in the news recently due to an alleged murder plot involving his ex-wife, Lindsay Shiver.

Police have accused Lindsay and her alleged boyfriend of harming Robert with the help of an alleged hitman in July 2023.

They are currently in custody in the Bahamas, awaiting their court appearance in October.

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