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Sue Aikens Obituary: Did She Passed Away? Death Rumors & Fact

Sue Aikens is an American television personality who gained fame from Life Below Zero, a popular reality TV show. However, a rumor that the Life Below Zero star dies makes people think about Sue Aikens, leading to her obituary.

Born in Illinois on July 1, 1963, Susan, also known as Sue Aikens, is around sixty years old.

Her childhood was challenging when her parents split when she was twelve.

However, Sue powered through and graduated from the Lowell Whiteman School despite the challenges.

A self-made woman, Sue found success and financial stability through hard work.

Her journey in film production began in 2009 when she was invited to host a show on the National Geographic Channel.

After calling the Kavik River Camp her home for over fifteen years, Sue Aikens announced her decision to leave it in 2018.

Moreover, her story reflects resilience and determination in life’s ups and downs.

However, there are rumors that Sue Aikens is dead, making people search for her obituary.

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Sue Aikens Obituary: Did She Pass Away Or Not? Rumors

The rumors of the obituary of Sue Aikens started when a brutal bear attacked her.

Her survival skills were put to the ultimate test when she encountered a grizzly bear that nearly took her life.

Fortunately, she survived the attack then and is alive now, giving her skills on the Life Below Zero show.

However, how she managed to survive the attack made many netizens curious.

Sue Aikens at Alaska feeding fox
The TV personality Sue Aikens survives the brutal bear attack in Alaska. (Source: Instagram)

She worked at the isolated Copic plane refueling station in April 2007 when the attack happened.

It was a typical day for Sue as she went to get her last pumping water from the Kavik River before it froze solid.

However, she didn’t know that a juvenile male grizzly bear was trying to take over her territory.

As she sent the pump in, the bear suddenly attacked her, punching and dragging her onto the ground.

At the time, she was defenseless as her rifle was lying by the river. So, she had no choice but to play dead, hoping the bear would leave her alone.

But the bear did bite her skull and different parts of her body, making Sue think that it was an end for her.

Sue Aikens Fishing
The American personality, Sue Aikens, is alive and living her best life in the forest. (Source: Instagram)

However, the bear returns to the river, giving her a chance to survive. Yet, she was not out of danger due to her injury.

This made people search for the obituary of Sue Aikens, as she was missing from the show and her house.

What Happened After Sue Aikens Survived The Bear Attack? Fact

Well, the rumors about the obituary of Sue Aikens are false as they surfaced from her 10-day missing case in Alaska.

After surviving the bear attack that day, Sue remained in her cabin for ten days until medical help arrived.

Her condition was severe as she suffered dislodged hips and bite marks on her skull. But her incredible strength and survival skills kept her alive.

Nevertheless, despite the trauma of the bear attack, Sue continued to live and work at the Kavik River Camp.

Sue Aikens at her house
Even the Bear Attack Trama could not hold Sue Aikens to live in the wilderness. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she has not let the event deter her from living in the wilderness. 

She still lives in Alaska and has a Malamute dog as her friend. Meanwhile, Sue’s two children and three grandchildren support her.

Also, Sue is healthy and living quite well, which she has proven by posting on her Instagram. She has around 68k followers who like to hear about her daily life achievements.

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