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This was Television on May 20

1993: Cheers turns out the lights

One of the 1980s’ most beloved sitcoms and a pivotal element of NBC’s resurgence in ratings during that era, Cheers wrapped up its 11-season, 275-episode journey with a highly acclaimed series finale.

Despite initially ranking at the bottom in the ratings among all network shows during its first season, this ensemble comedy centered around the regulars of a Boston tavern ultimately achieved top-ten ratings for eight of the next ten years.

Cheers earned a staggering 28 Emmy awards and gave rise to another well-received sitcom, Frasier, along with the less successful The Tortellis. -A.D.

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Also on May 20

In 2003, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the series that evolved from an initially mocked premise into a cult classic and one of the most esteemed shows of its time, concluded its seven-season, 144-episode journey, with episodes airing on both The WB and UPN.

Buffy also gave rise to a successful spin-off, Angel, and an ongoing comic book continuation, contributing significantly to the rise in popularity of its creator, Joss Whedon.

Today’s Birthdays: Candace Bailey, host (31); John Billingsley, space doctor (53); Dean Butler, prairie dweller (57); Cher, songstress (67); Mindy Cohn, boarding school student (47); Matt Czuchry, lawyer (36); George Gobel, comedian (d. 1991); Tony Goldwyn, president (53); David Hedison, character actor (86); Timothy Olyphant, lawman (45); Tahmoh Penikett, Galactican (38); Bronson Pinchot, zany cousin (54); Dave Thomas, SCTVer (64)

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