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This was Television on May 25

1999: Home Improvement ends

Home Improvement, based on Tim Allen’s stand-up comedy, ranked among the top shows of the 1990s.

Airing for eight seasons and 204 episodes on ABC, Allen starred as Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor.

He played a husband and father who hosted a local T.V. show celebrating shop craft and traditionally masculine culture.

The series finale, with approximately 35 million viewers, marked one of the era’s highest-rated conclusions. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays:
– Claude Akins, the sheriff (passed away in 1994)
– Dixie Carter, the designing woman (passed away in 2010)
– Warren Frost, the Twin Peaks actor (age 84)
– Jamie Kennedy, the prankster (age 43)
– Demetri Martin, the comic (age 40)
– Mike Myers, the sketch comic (age 50)
– Frank Oz, the Muppeteer (age 69)
– Ray Stevenson, the Roman (age 49)
– Ethan Suplee, the younger brother (age 37)
– Karen Valentine, the teacher (age 66)

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