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Three Days And A Life Wikipedia: Film Plot Summary And Cast

Three Days And A Life is a must for those who love crime drama, as viewers are loving the story. But if you are looking for a plot summary via Wikipedia of Three Days And A Life, you are at the right place.

The thriller movie Three Days And A Life was released in the year of 2019 with the direction of Nicolas Boukhrief.

He is a perfectionist in the sector of drama movie direction, having several nominations and awards in his hand.

The movie shows the life of a 12-year-old boy who is going confront some mysterious acts that change his life.

Three Days And A Life revolves around a young boy named Antoine who is there to encounter evil.

In the beginning the movie opens with the scene of Christmas 1999, in a peaceful little village in the Ardennes.

Three tragic events devastated the life of a young boy: the death of a friend, the vanishing of a child, and a big ravaging storm.

Now, without further ado, let us dive straight into the Three Days and a Life Wikipedia with the entire plot explained.

Three Days And A Life Wikipedia: Summary Unveiled

Three Days and a Life is a French psychological crime drama novel thriller movie based on Pierre Lemaitre’s novel.

The scene in the movie begins with a story of a small village in rural France.

In the movie, we can see three significant built-in stories that comply with different periods.

Waiting in forest
Antoine and Remi have been friends since childhood. (Source: IMDb)

Firstly, the day of the incident: beginning the narration over the time of the accidental killing.

Antoine struggles with his complex emotions and is full of guilt for his actions.

Similarly, the scene shows the condition of the boy with panic and desperation, regretting his horrifying mistake.

Secondly, in the middle phase of the movie, the truth finally comes to light.

Years later, the truth about Rémi’s disappearance started to unfold, making the villagers upset about the incident.

Antoine seemed worried about the result he would face after his secret came out.

However, the villagers are in pain over the disappearance, and Antoine also has regret and guilt over his decision.

in conversation
Antoine, when he returned to his hometown, was filled with guilt and regret. (Source: IMDb)

Finally, the story also unveils the future in the boys’ lives.

During the climax of the movie, viewers witness the return of a fully grown adult version of the boy.

His haunting past, consequences and guilt shattered his relationship with his inner world.

The theme of the movie is the burden of guilt and the sensitive bonding of people.

Three Days and a life
Antoine is a regular kid struggling with complex emotions and the weight of his actions. (Source: CinemaClock)

It also explores the nature of humans, their mistakes, and how they never get rid of their mistakes.

Three Days And A Life has made its fans believe its consequences and has enrolled many hearts in its Wikipedia.

The Cast And Crew of Three Days And A Life

The film Three Days And A Life is created and acknowledged consistently for its actors and cast on Wikipedia.

Besides being the hit of all time with a 6.7 rating over a total of 10, this movie has a lot of cast who handle the integrity of the movie.

Here are some of the top casts that Wikipedia has for the movie Three Days And A Life.

Firstly, the credit for plotting the novel by Pierre Lemaitre is given to director Nicolas Boukhrief.

Three Days and a life novel.
Three Days and a Life novel is a best seller because it shows guilt and the intricacies of human behavior. (Source: TOI)


  • Sandrine Bonnaire as Blanche Courtin
  • Charles Berling as Michel Desmedt
  • Pablo Pauly as Antoine Courtin
  • Margot Bancilhon as Emilie Desmedt
  • Dimitri Storoge as Lambert
  • Philippe Torreton as Docteur Dieulafoy
  • Jérémie Senez as Antoine Courtin
  • Arben Bajraktaraj as Andreï Kowalski

In addition to the actors and actresses, the movie is also handled with sensitivity by the behind-the-camera team:

Sidonie Dumas and Julien Colombani Produced this film with a big budget, whereas Marc Vadé was the Executive Producer.

As the editor, Lydia Boukhrief has beautifully carved this film with all her emotion and hard work.

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