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Virginia Beach Pier Car Video: What Happened To The Driver?

After the Virginia Beach Pier Car Video went viral on the internet, many people worried about the driver and wondered if he is safe. Let’s find out the details here.

The unfortunate incident happened on Saturday morning, January 28, 2024, in Virginia Beach. 

A car broke through multiple gates, drove into the Fishing Pier, and subsequently plunged off the end into the ocean. 

This incident left many people in awe. Thus, the video that captured this moment recently went viral online. 

People are curious about the cause of the incident and the health status of the driver who was driving the car. 

Virginia Beach Pier Car Accident Video Explained

The Virginia Beach Pier Car accident video went viral on Sunday, whereas the incident occurred early Saturday morning.

People spotted a car driving toward the end of the pier. The pier was off between 14th and 15th streets.

At first, the car briefly paused for some time, but then the driver went off the end. In addition, the car had to break not only one barrier but two. 

The Virginia Beach Pier Car video was shot through the mobile phone of a person who was watching this incident live. 

Though looking at the video, it looks like it was a sudden accident, but actually, the driver braked several times before driving off. 

Virginia Beach where Car is going off the pier
Virginia Beach Pier Car Video has been viral on the internet recently. (Source: X)

After the incident, police arrived at the place with a boat and started patrolling the water around the pier. 

The police officers started investigating as the question arose if that was an accident or suicide.

Moreover, firefighters, police, fishermen, and other related individuals were carefully figuring out how to recover the vehicle. 

One even claimed it was the deadliest incident he had ever heard of. 

But, due to dangerous water conditions and poor visibility, the authorities couldn’t retrieve the car on the day of the incident. 

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What Happened To The Car Driver? Is The Person Safe?

After the video of a car breaking into a Virginia Beach pier surfaced on the internet, several people showed their concern about the car driver.

Moreover, they also worried about the drivers and their families, whereas some searched for their details online.

Unfortunately, there are no details available regarding the driver and his family.

Many people’s curiosity regarding how the incident took place remains a mystery till now, as the driver’s identity is not found yet.

Till now, neither the identity nor the passengers have been revealed in the media.

However, police shared that they are trying to connect the missing case report of a young man to the car incident. 

They speculated that the missing man had the exact circumstances surrounding the car that drove off the Virginia Beach pier.

People who watched this event live suspected the driver to be going through some serious mental health issue. 

Virginia Beach where car drove off the pier.
A man filmed the Virginia Beach Pier Car Video through his mobile phone. (Source: X)

One individual even claimed that this made him think about how he could have protected someone he loved. 

Furthermore, many even say that this is a case of suicide, but there is no further evidence to support this claim. 

However, the officers are very secretive regarding this matter. The concerned authorities are actively trying to solve this case.

As per a police officer, they are trying to retrieve the people inside the car to unite them with their families and get to the depth of this matter through the evidence. 

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